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Deception and violence ignite this tale of Sister Elena Cruzio—a former Marine—who is transferred to her hometown of New Orleans, called Lakeview. Armed with her elite training, Elena sets out to protect those who cannot defend themselves and thus a vigilante is born. However, the city’s most corrupt cops and politicians are none too happy, and vow to reveal and destroy our brave heroine. But what happens when it’s your own brother leading the charge to eliminate you? Elena will soon find out. Family, loyalty and greed collide in this gritty episodic.

  • Scott Damian
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    Television Script
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  • Louisville International Film Festival
    Louisville Intertnaitonal Film Festival
    March 2, 2017
    Best Short Film - Drama
  • Prometheus Film Festival
    York, Pennsylvania
    March 2, 2017
    Best Short - Drama
Writer Biography - Scott Damian

Being the proud son of a Guatemalan immigrant, Damian has learned the true meaning of hard work, perseverance, and the value of collaboration when working with others.
As a published author, Damian penned the memoir, "Voice: A Stutterer’s Odyssey," through Behler Publications. In this riveting memoir, Damian chronicles his struggles as a severe stutterer, how he overcame this harsh impediment, and, ultimately, the victory that came through performing and writing.
Through his production company, Branded Maverick
Entertainment (BME), Damian served as writer and
director for the award-winning short film, "Snapper," and the rom-com short—"Huge! Red! Flag! Along." With Provost Entertainment, Damian co-directed, wrote, and co- produced the upcoming feature film, "Racing Colt," which is currently in post- production. BME and Provost Entertainment are currently in pre-production for the thriller/suspense film, "Among."
Presently, Damian is in development with two full-length plays, "Coffee Stains" and "The Royals of Detroit," alongside Tony Award-nominated and Drama Desk Award nominated producer, Heather Provost ("Reasons To Be Pretty," "Title of Show").
Damian has appeared in film and TV shows, including "The Shield," "Las Vegas," "Scrubs," "The Office," "Sheltered," and the upcoming second season of "Colony," to name a few. Partial theater credits include "Desperate Writers" directed by Kay Cole, "The Nerd" directed by the late Henry Polic, "Angel Street," "Translations," "Aladdin A Musical Spectacular" at Disney California Adventure, and "Laughter on the 23rd Floor."
Currently, Damian is working on his next book, a suspense mystery novel, titled "Hope Haven." You can read Damian’s inspiring blog, "A Worthy Struggle: Overcoming Fear and Leading a Rewarding Life," on his website.
In May 2012 and May 2014, Damian received “The Converting Awareness into Action” Award from The Stuttering Foundation in New York City, alongside Fox News’ John Stossell, and NFL player Ellis Lankster, for their accomplishments and support of the stuttering community.

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We live in a world with endless inspiration. Most of these inspirations come through the art of storytelling. Like you, I long to tell stories that enrich lives and stimulate the human spirit. But this goal cannot be achieved without collaboration and tenacity. Within your esteemed program, I look forward to learning, growing and listening to those who have reached a place where they inspire millions through their style and storytelling. I thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and look forward to hearing from you soon.