We will be accepting entries for our Season Four as of November 11. We will have one window only through June 1. Screenings will happen the weekend of August 25-27 in Green Bay. See ticket info. Screenings will be from some of the nominees we will announce in early June. Best Scene voting segment will be Friday August 25. Good luck. Official selections will be announced in the last 10 days of May.

Be sure to submit to more than one category, to widen your nominee chances.

We accept scenes, shorts and features of many genres. We go by "Keep It Short, Memorable and Sweet" Some categories are judged at our in person Galas by the attending audience. Others are judged by our judging team on sceneawards.com

IMPORTANT FOR SCENE CATEGORIES: before you purchase the submission, please add a quick line using the Cover Letter button on the final screen explaining which scene you want us to look at and why. For example, the cover letter line would read = "1:24 to 4:20: pay attn to dialogues, camera..." One scene per purchased category. Multiple category submissions welcome. In that case, please expand on your cover letter accordingly.

The one aspect that is often underrated by film festivals, the memorable scene that makes you remember the film, be it because of the scenery, the powerful dialogues, speech, camera angle/motion, improvisation, etc. That's why we exist. We want to recognize the talent poured onto that scene you want us to look at.

We are grandfathered by our big sister competition, the MLC Awards (mlcawards.com).

Four or five nominees per category are picked after all Official Selections are announced in mid June 2023. Then we announce nominees. Nominees will qualify for the end of May MLC Scene Awards gala, for a chance to screen with us.

Audience in attendance at our in-person galas will vote for some of the categories (scenes, small shorts). Our judges will award the rest of the categories. Our new trophies are available on www.sceneawards.com at a very discounted price.

Please read carefully:
-See categories for specific rules.
-Scene Categories: We cannot pick a scene for you. You must indicate it to us.
-Before you purchase the submission, please add a quick cover letter explaining which scene you want us to look at, one scene-only (see submission categories for time limit per scene). For ex., the cover letter would read = "1:24 to 4:20: pay attn to dialogues, camera..." If you forget to add a cover letter (life happens, we know), then please add the time mark message at the very bottom of your film synopsis.
-The entire film must be uploaded. Please do not upload the scene only. While we typically will not watch the whole film, if the scene is interesting and watching before or after makes sense, we will do so at our criteria.
-We reserve the right to amend rules and nominate contestants, if applicable, for other categories we see fit and not necessarily in the categories the were submitted under.
-One scene per submission (please indicate the minute mark in a message to us).
-No more than three scenes from the same film can be sent to us in the same 10-week window.
-The entire film must consist of more than 1 scene. We just need to see why the scene you point us too is award worthy. By submitting your film you agree that we can screen (in the case of screener categories) your scene at our Green Bay Gala.
-We do not pay screening fees. Submitting in a screener category does not guarantee screening. You must be nominated as a screener to screen with us.
-Some screener categories could turn into judge-only categories depending on time needs and involvement of people attending at our galas.
-Fees as not refundable.
-We reserve the right to disqualify submitters if rules are breached.
-The film review category requires a purchase. No waivers work.
-Days after the posted notification date, we will announce 5 or 6 Nominees per category. One week later we will announce nominees. The month after we will announce winners at the gala.
-See each submission categories for additional rules.
-We reserve the rights to modify these terms and conditions and to remove a given category should participation not be up to standards. If that was the case, we will move submitters to other categories.
-Submitting to more than 1 category can increase your chances of selection or nomination. While attendance to our gala events is not mandatory, it will be considered to determine some of the winners in the event of a tie in audience votes.

Overall Rating
  • Loved being part of this and seeing the audience's reactions.

    September 2022
  • Incredible communication. I couldn't physically attend but one of our actors in the film was close by. It looked awesome. I plan to attend next year. Thanks again.

    September 2022
  • Extraordinary festival! It has been a great experience to attend the gala and present my film "Good night Beatriz" See you soon!

    September 2022
  • Manoj Anand

    Wonderful festival. Thank you for giving our film a chance to be selected/nominated for the festival.

    September 2022
  • Thank you very much for nominating my work, The Murder Case of Momotaro. I was not able to attend the film festival this time, but I did research about the city of Green Bay and hope to visit one day.

    September 2022