Internation Film Festival of Sao Tome and Principe.

São Tomé FestFilm - Festival de Cinema Internacional de São Tomé e Príncipe, criado e promovido pela ASSECOM (Associação São-Tomense de Entretenimento e Comunicação Multimédia – Cultural e Artístico), fundada por um grupo de estudantes de são-tomense e portugueses.

O Festival surge com o objetivo de desenvolver e dinamizar projetos nas áreas do cinema, televisão, vídeo e multimédia, através de oferta de atividades educativas como a realização de workshops e conferências nas áreas mencionadas, passa também por colocar São Tomé e Príncipe na rota do Cinema Internacional, na procura de o tornar um ponto de encontro para todos aqueles que gostam de cinema. O festival deseja despertar nos jovens o interesse pela livre criação valorizando as origens históricas e culturais de São Tomé e Príncipe através do cinema, bem como da língua Portuguesa.

Awards & Prizes

a) Will be attributed prize to best work of each category:
National Competition
- Feature Film Prize,
- Short Film Prize,
- Documentary Prize,
- Video Prize (Video Clips and experimental videos).

International Competition
- Feature Film Prize,
- Short Film Prize,
- Documentary Prize,
- Animation Prize
b) The international jury will be composed with professionals invited by the organization, which can also assign special mentions.

Rules & Terms

We decided cancel this edition because we don’t find enough support for this. But we are preparing everything’s for feb 2017, and we will receive inscription deadline until September 31 and additional deadline for October 20.
All inscriptions made for 2016 are valid for 2017.
We apologize for any inconvenience. For more information email us for saotomé
Updated at 08/01/2016

a) Registration starts on November 20 to January 10th on regular deadline up on payment of a fee. After end the regular deadline, will be extended for additional deadline until January 20.
b) Submission fee
International competition: 6$
Adicional deadline: 8$

a) Will be accept for selection, films that meet the following conditions:
- Inéditos em São Tomé e Príncipe;
- Not available on the web (preferencial).

b) Accepted submission in the following categories:

International Competition
- Feature Film Prize,
- Short Film Prize,
- Documentary Prize,
- Animation Prize

a) Filmmakers can submit their works using Vimeo or YouTube, ensuring that they are protected by password or single access by the festival.

a) Festival languages are Portuguese and English.
b) It’s required all work submitted that the original language is different from the Portuguese, must contain subtitles in PT-pt or En-en and Fr-fr (optional).
c) These recommendations don’t apply to silent films.

a) The organization committee carries out the selection of the submitted works and informs the applicants with selected works.
b) The organizing committee has full rights to exclude works that does not follow the requirements.
c) The selection result will be available in, on the official facebook fan page and send by newsletter.

a) All filmmakers, are automatically qualified to receive our newsletters using the provided contact e-mail.
b) The filmmakers may edit or cancel their subscription to our newsletter using the link provided.
c) All directors of selected films must sign a document that accepts all the terms and conditions presented to the festival.
d) The selected films may be take part of non-commercial extensions/screenings of the festival.
e) Any questions please contact the organizing committee using our email.

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Sofia Borges

    A great team, place and film festival.

    February 2017
  • false
    Ana Carvalho

    A very cool selection of films, and a very well organized festival. It's great to see that cinema is celebrated in São Tomé. Wish a long life to this festival.

    February 2017