San Diego Entertainment Awards starts of with San Diego Entertainment Festival, a week of pure entertainment in America’s Finest City, bringing together and honoring San Diego and the International Entertainment Community at the San Diego Entertainment Week culminating with the San Diego Entertainment Awards and San Diego Entertainment Industry Gala. San Diego Entertainment Week is a week of film competitions, play competitions, music contest, dance contest, stand up comedy competition, drag competition and fashion show.

Best Film Award (Short and Feature)
Best Music Award (All Genre)
Fashion Icon Award
Comedian of the Year Award
Best Actor Award (All Genre)
Best Actress Award (All Genre)
Best Supporting Actor (All Genre)
Best Supporting Actress (All Genre)
Best Filmscore (All Genre)
Best Music Video
Best Cinematography
Best Director (All Genre)
Best Make up and Costume (All Genre)
San Diego Entertainment Play of the Year
San Diego Entertainment Playwright of the Year
Best Actor (Stage)
Best Actress (Stage)
Best Supporting Actor (Stage)
Best Supporting Actress (Stage)

Rules and Terms:
1. All entries for music and film must be by local San Diego Filmmakers
2. Failure to attend the event disqualifies you from receiving the award
3. Release form for screening must be signed in order to participate in the event
4. Selected films must have a representative at the event for Q & A. No representatives is grounds for disqualification.
5. We only accept electronic submission for entries.
6. Best Overall Film Submission is limited to San Diego Filmmakers.
7. We will accept film submissions from films that were shot from June 2015 until Jan 2021.