Samawa Cinema is a film club in Iraq working 9 years ago in the screening of films in cooperation with various cultural institutions. Movies are displayed in different dates, and in different regions. There are no prizes, only certificates are awarded for the films being picked.There are multiple events, all year round and even after the specified date we can choose movies in a special event. We are holding various agreements inside and outside Iraq by providing films to participate in festivals and others as well. So all the movies that we get have the opportunity to show.So, as soon as you share with us and put your film, we consider this to be your official approval. To authorize Samawah Cinema. To present the film to several festivals.As we choose annually. 10 films for the purpose of supporting in the joint distribution by us. Especially in the Arab regions. It's all free only if the film gets a cash prize that is deducted only 2 percent. The rest are sent to filmmakers. If the film received a moral award, for example a cup or medal. It is sent to the film maker. With the publication of film details in the media and talk about.The film will be distributed for one year only.

At the end of each year we conduct a poll of the best film the audience has seen. Only one film is selected by the public and the winning film is awarded $ 1,500.

1-All categories, short and long films.
2-Years of production: 2019 - 2020.
3-Movies must be protected by a secret number.
4-Movies shown on TV or social networks are not acceptable.
5-The selection of films will be monthly.
6-Favorite movies are silent and without dialogue.
7-The film must contain an English translation.
8-If the film is accepted as part of the Samawa Cinema Options, the group has the right to present it in Iraq at more than one forum, festivals and cooperatives in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Director will be notified of his participation or travel to the festival in the case of tickets for travel and accommodation. In case of any money or prizes, it will be sent by us.