Southwest Theatre Productions (SWTP) proudly announces its 2021 Annual Playwriting Competition. The top three finalists will each be given a stage reading in Austin, Texas (so long as there are no restrictions in place due to Covid) and $100 royalty payment.

NOTE: This is a competition for STAGE PLAYS, not screenplays.

Submissions will close on March 14, 2021. Staff may contact you with questions or clarifications prior to panel review. You may submit one revision for minor changes (technical, typos) prior to close. All entries will be notified of receipt.

You may submit to both the AUSTIN, TEXAS festival and the ASHEVILLE, NC festival for an additional fee. There are two sets of readers and jurists; those in Austin and those in Asheville. These two theater companies do not share reviews or selections.

AUSTIN FESTIVAL ONLY: NEW PRIZES! Each winner will receive 1 year of PLAY SUBMISSIONS HELPER; and either 1 purchase of FINAL DRAFT software (or upgrade); or 1 year of WRITER DUET software (winner's choice).

We will have a NEW CATEGORY for "early" playwrights ($20 entry instead of $25). If you have been writing for less than 3 years, OR have not had any of your work published (not just the one you're submitting); OR have not had a full production of any play you've written, please select the New Playwright category. PRIZE includes private script coaching for "producibility," along with the prizes mentioned above for Blue Winners.

There will be three (3) winners ("Blue Winners") and three (3) finalists ("Red Winners"). Blue Winners will each receive $100 and an individual stage reading in Austin, Texas on separate dates (TBA) in 2021, as well as the prizes listed above. As of now those readings will be in May. If restrictions prevent substantial public stage readings, Blue Winners will still receive performance royalties in May and recorded readings (format to be determined). The Red finalists will each receive a writer workshop and a possible recorded reading. 2020 winners will also be included in our 2021 readings, so schedules will be coordinated throughout the year.

ASHEVILLE: There will be three (3) winners who will receive a stage reading with the Attic Salt Theatre Company in (TBA) 2021.

Plays must be full length (maximum 100 pages), or one-act plays over 60 pages.

Comedy or Drama accepted. We're looking for relatable topics such as family, workplace, lifestyle, romance, prejudice, love and loss. Plays with a social conscience, and/or scripts based on a true story are of particular interest, but above all, great dialogue and story arc take priority. So if you have a differing theme but those two things are there, please submit your script.

NOTE: No Musicals, Children’s Shows, Farce, Melodrama, Fringe, Horror, or Adaptations.

Cast must be between 2-8 roles, and allow for diversity whenever possible. Please do not submit a play with a large cast and suggest doubling. Doubling is best when filling a small number of lesser roles.

Must be written in English.

Playwright must own all rights pertaining to the submission.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Submissions must include full script, character breakdown and a short synopsis or logline.

Playwrights should include contact information for administrative purposes. The information is removed before readers receive the script.

No written critiques will be offered, but requests for general feedback will be honored.