The Rio Shorts Film Festival is looking for filmmakers from all over the world to display their ability and creativity in the form of a short film. This festival, which will take place in Cine Botequim from May 4 to 10, 2024, aspires to embrace and promote rich cultural legacy of different countries to Brazilian viewer while giving a platform for varied views and opinions in the world of cinema.
Rio Shorts believes in the power of storytelling in the form of short films. Filmmakers are urged to contribute films that explore a variety of genres, styles, and themes.

The festival aims to promote cultural interaction and appreciation by showing a chosen selection of international short films as well as works created by great Rio and Brazilian filmmakers. Rio Shorts aspires to spark conversations, stimulate creativity, and establish connections between artists and spectators through this confluence of cinematic expressions.

Each edition's top seven winners will be honored at our gala event.

Join us in May 2024 for the Rio Shorts Film Festival and immerse yourself in the exciting world of cinema, where tales come to life, cultures collide, and the spirit of Rio shines bright.

The Rio Shorts Film Festival features a distinguished panel of three juries, each responsible for selecting and awarding honors across various categories. Here is a breakdown of the awards and their corresponding plaques:

Professional Jury Awards:

Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Screenplay
Best Student Film
Best Documentary
Best Music Video

The ultimate accolade, the Best Short Film, will be determined through a weighted average calculation. The winner of this prestigious category will receive the Golden Toucan award.

2- Submission costs are non-refundable and non-reimbursable under any circumstances; the festival does not return any submission fees for films that are not chosen for the festival program or who withdraw their submissions at any time.
3- The Festival reserves the right to accept or reject any film for any reason, without explanation.
4- The applicant acknowledges that he/she is the rights-holder or authorized representative of the film and that he/she is permitted to submit the film.
5- All films must include English subtitles.
6- Screening fees must be declared prior to or upon submission. If a screening fee is only indicated after the official selection has been announced, the Festival retains the right to revoke the film's acceptance.
7- Rio Shorts holds the right to:
• Use the selected films for trailers and publicity usage
• Screen the winning films in other related events inside Brazil, and recommend the winning films to other international film festivals that collaborate with Rio Shorts after the approval of the filmmakers.