Renderyard has been supporting independent filmmakers and their films for over 14 years. Established in 2009 as a video sharing platform that helped new films get seen by an international online audience. The company has worked closely with many well-known brands that have included Dailymotion, Snag Films, Flix Fling, IndieFlix. To maximize the views and exposure that new films and filmmakers can receive.
Renderyard celebrates its 10th film festival and this will be an online-based festival. With cooperation from our partners from within the film industry, and with the creative use of digital technology to inspire filmmakers to provoke social awareness in the international filmmaking community.
The films that are shown have been produced by drawing inspiration from personal sources and influences that allow each director to project their own reflections and ideas as new forms of visual self-expression. Renderyard Film Festival 2022 will be the ninth successful year of the festival and will take place entirely online.
Submissions are open to all filmmakers for a six-month period. Renderyard reviews and selects the winning films to be shown in each category at the end of this time. The winners of each category will be notified one month in advance of the festival and be offered a non-exclusive distribution deal. If they choose to accept the prize, the chance to get their films shown on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Flix Fling, Fandango, Renderyard and many more recognized platforms.

All WINNERs in each category will be offered a non-exclusive Film Distribution deal with Renderyard. Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and Winners will receive the festival laurels. And receive personalized digital certificates.

ALL WINNERs in each category will be featured on the Renderyard web site and shown as part of the Renderyard Film Festival.

ALL WINNERs in each category will receive two complimentary tickets to the Renderyard Film Festival. Filmmakers are encouraged to advise their friends and fans to purchase tickets in advance of the festival to watch their films.

Film Festival Submission Rules and Terms of Agreement
Renderyard Film Festival (RFF)
The film festival works to highlight excellence in filmmaking.
Renderyard is a legally established company based in Spain and is managed by industry professionals.

1. Submissions for the Renderyard Film Festival (RFF) are open to short films, feature films, documentaries, animations, and film scores of any genre.
2. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitles [if not spoken in English]. Film scores must be submitted in digital format as mp4 files or within the original film.
3. Films must have been completed within 2 years of the current edition of the festival. Premiere status is not required.
4. The submitter must own or have written permission to use all related copyright for the submitted materials used within the film. These include all related imagery and sounds and music.
5. Films submitted for consideration in the previous RFF editions are eligible for re-submission only if they contain significant rework and changes done to the films.
6. Short Film entries must not exceed a running time of 30 minutes.
7. Student films and videos must present proper documentation from their academic institution, for example, the academic ID of the director/producer or a letter of recommendation from an academic adviser or institution. Any films submitted as student film without proper identification will be disqualified in the category.
8. Student films must be submitted no later than two years after graduation.
9. All submitted films and/or videos must pay the necessary entry fee. Student entries are eligible for discounted fees.
10. Entry fees are non-refundable in case of any submission withdrawal.
11. All submission deadlines and important dates regarding festival screenings, awards, and festival entry information are announced on the Renderyard film festival web page.
12. Any changes to the rules will be at RFF’s discretion.
13. ALL WINNERs in each category will be featured on the Renderyard web site and shown as part of the Renderyard Film Festival for a 7 day period. After this time they will be removed from view. All selected films will be held behind a ticket and festival pass paywall.
14. ALL WINNERs in each category will be given the choice to keep their films on the Renderyard web site after the festival as part of the RFF distribution prize.

Overall Rating
  • Wonderful film festival. Great creative team. I enjoyed participating in the program. I recommend everything to filmmakers!

    July 2021