April 19 & 20, 2024

1. Red Carpet - Friday and Saturday, April 19th & 20th
Venue: The Jamaica Performing Arts Center
153-10 Jamaica Ave.
Jamaica, Queens, NY 11432
6pm - 10:30pm

Based in Southeast Queens, NY, the home of the Jazz Greats, a few designers, athletes, Rappers and business moguls, the Creativity is real and we really love hosting you on the Big Screen in Queens, NY.

It doesn't matter whether it's your first Film Festival or 10th, we're always excited to bring you to the forefront and Celebrate your Talent, Skill and Dreams.

This Summer, with both Outdoor and Indoor Locations, we'll have a great time,

-Best Short
-Best Documentary Short
-Best Animation
-Best Music Video
-Best Poetry Video
-Best Comedy Video
-Best Actress
-Best Actor


Special Industry Professional Guest for both days: Kaamel Hasaun ( Actor, Director, Writer and Producer) with credits such as: Made for This, Deadly Secrets (TV Movie), Savage Revenge, Ultimate Betrayal, Chasing the Ghost, Born Cursed, He Played Me 2, Diamond Girls, Detroit Dreams, My Mom Made Me Do It (TV Movie), Chedda Boys, 3 Keys, Strange Fruit: Tale of a Black Girl Lost, Booked, Zeil, Dear Future Husband, He Played Me, Batman Other Worlds (Short), One More Flip, Playing for Keeps, He Said She Said, The Spot (TV Series), Time to Bounce, Price of Love, I Declare War, McGraw Ave (TV Series) and more, including: McGraw Hill

In-Person includes Red Carpet with interviews, Screenings, Panel, Vendors, Food, Beverages

****Selectees are Notified Early and Submissions Are Accepted until the Final Deadline Date. ****

Email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com

**Please Read the Rules and Terms before Submitting. We are no longer able to extend deadlines for incomplete or improper submissions.**

In Person Screenings and Receptions will be held in Queens, NY the Jamaica Performing Arts Center, convienently located in downtown Jamaica, NY

Submit several entries or submit to several categories by following the requirements and submitting within the deadlines.

WE'RE SO BOLD that we've changed Black History Month to April when the weather is much nicer.

WE ARE OPEN TO ANYONE from Anywhere - this is where you can tell your Story, Sing Your Song, Dance Your Dance, Tell a Joke or Two, Demonstrate Your Talent with Your Poetry, Music, Daance or Comedy VIdeo or submit a Commercial / PSA for your Organization, Club, Cause, Neighborhood, Family, Culture, Traditions, or ideas of what the Future will look like.

We're based in Queens, NY. Queens is both the largest borough in New York City and the most ethnically diverse urban area in the entire world, representing over 100 nationality and 138 different languages.

BE CREATIVE, BOLD, UNIQUE, TRADITIONAL OR UNCONVENTIONAL. What's Your Story? Share Your Story! We Want To See Your Story!

Break the Rules!! Break the 3rd Wall!!

Follow Us On Instagram: @Queens_Underground_Film_Fest and @CulturalTVNetwork
Email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com

Visit: QueensUnderground718.com to learn more and stay updated, enter, and purchase screening tickets.

Awards For: .
-Best Short
-Best Full Length Feature Film
-Best Series Episode
-Best Documentary Short
-Best Animation
-Best Music Video
-Best Poetry Video
-Best Comedy Video
-Best Actress
-Best Actor

-If there are less than 3 projects for a Category, a winner may or may not be selected

Rules & Terms

Please read all of the Rules and Terms.

1. Group Emails are sent via the FilmFreeway Platform and often go to your Spam and/or Promotions Tab. It is important that you receive all of the information and adhere to deadlines.

2. Filmmakers may submit from anywhere in the world. Non-English Audio Must have English Subtitles. You can submit as an individual, group, organization, club, program, institution, or small business.

3, Your Movie & Trailer file must be downloadable, we do not stream from Platforms during a Festival.

4. Standard Vertical Movie Posters are required and must include a Title.

5. A Trailer is highly recommended so that we can use it to promote your acceptance.

6. Not all Selections will be in the Festival, some will only be placed on our Streaming Partners Platform for public viewing.

7. Some projects may be offered Non-Exclusive or Exclusive Distribution by any of our Partners.

8. Many projects will be screened again during our Movie Night Series

9. Pay attention to the deadline dates, if your submission process is incomplete by the final deadline, your project will not be added to the lineup.**

10. Follow Us On Instagram: @Queens_Underground_Film_Fest. We will continue to follow and support you long after the Festival and hope that you will do the same.

11. You may always start uploading now to take advantage of discounts and then complete all of the uploading before the deadline.

12. GOLD DISCOUNTS: You may only use one (1) of any Discount Code Per Entry. If you are a Gold Member, you may not use more than One (1) discount code per made.

13. Quality Of Projects: No worries, we do not expect everyone to have access to "movie quality" cameras and editing.

Rated "R" Projects:
We are now accepting Projects that include standard "Rated R" content, however, we will only screen tasteful projects where profanity and only "some" nudity is necessary to tell the story. Any projects with excessive use of certain words will not be screened publicly, may not be viewed by all of the judges and in some instances will not be added to the virtual platforms. This includes lyrics in projects and in music videos especially. If you are unsure, it is best to contact us first - refunds will not be issued. Absolutely No hate, no inflammatory nor discriminatory content accepted for visuals, verbalizations or lyrics.

You may submit to any category or to as many categories as you wish.
If the audio is not English, accurate subtitling in English must be included for all characters and sounds.

16. **You understand and agree that you are giving us full permission to use any or all of the materials you have submitted to promote, advertise, market, and screen publicly before, during and after the Festival and on any or all of our media platforms.

17. Submissions may not contain any or suggest any content that is violent, racist, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, hateful, overly sexual, culturally, or ethnically offensive in any way.

18. Projects or posters submitted with cursing which are not considered necessary within the context of the story will not be Screened at the Film Festival even if Selected. They may be added to the Online Festival or Movie Nights.

19. Queens Underground Reserves The Right, to remove or delete your submission without notice and without limitations where any instances of non-compliance have occurred.

20. You will also be notified of any changes for dates and policies - please make sure that you are receiving and checking junk and social email folders for notices.
-If you do not read or speak English - you are responsible to find and utilize a translator or translation App. All communication with the Festival Team must be in English. Queens Underground does not accept responsibility for any Non-English miscommunications. -Translations for your submissions must be accurate and exact. Any entry with misrepresented subtitles will be removed immediately.

21. The order of Movies are subject to change.

-Check for Updates at QueensUnderground718.com
-Email: QueensUnderground718@gmail.com