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Production Life

People who work in production are insane. We go hard: we work hard, we party hard, love hard, laugh hard…we don’t stop, we just keep going and in the midst of all; we find our friends, we fall in love, grow up, sober up and eventually find ourselves.

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Fellow NYU Graduate Acting Alumni, Mariajose Garcia-London, arrived in Los Angeles some 17 odd years ago only to find herself either waiting for the phone to ring, or reading for “spicy” Latina or ghetto gangster roles…this was the early 2000s, the choices were much more limited back then and she began to feel like Robert Reed must have felt like when he played Mr. Brady on the Brady Brunch. In turn, she took at job as an agent assistant at ICM in order to learn the business from the inside out, with the idea that one-day, she would be able to produce better creative stories for women.

Her job at ICM lead to an opportunity to work at a prestigious commercial production company as an executive assistant; where she worked alongside Academy Award winning directors learning the craft of telling a story in sixty seconds or less. Maria has continued to work in commercial production for the past 15 years. She currently resides at the award winning Production Company, Tool of N. America, where she works as the in-house senior bidding producer. She still has not have given up on the idea of writing and producing original stories for women.

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When I was starting out in the business, I worked at a production company where one day, a co-worker went on a full on “Carnal Knowledge” Jack Nicholson rage and trashed an office with an Emmy statue, ripped out the phone lines and took the office dog he walked out the office he yelled out, “GOOD LUCK TRYING TO CLOSE A JOB NOW!” He then proceeded to maniacally drive away with the dog. One could say; he was having a bad day. Two weeks later, he showed up back at work, fresh as a daisy as if nothing ever happened and was once again, BFFs with the very same producer whose office he had trashed. All was forgiven and the slate was wiped clean. How on earth did he manage to keep his job you might be wondering? Quiet simply, he made the company a lot of money. Only in Hollywood, where executives are listed yearly on THE BROWN LIST, as the worst executives to work for, is this type of behavior considered excusable.

Part semi-autobiographical, part absurdist comedy, “Production Life” uses the microcosm of the world of commercial film production, as the word that the characters live in. When you have a two-week span to produce and shoot a: 60 film with ‘creative’ types, anything can and does happen.

“Production Life” is a modern day “Swimming With Sharks,” but told through the eyes of whip smart girls coming up the ranks of the Hollywood system.