TranScreen is a 4 day cultural festival held every two years in Amsterdam, showcasing a broad range of carefully curated documentaries, shorts and feature films, with an aim to promote and contribute a positive awareness of Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) people. We are the longest running Transgender specific film festival in Europe.
Through the film programming we hope to celebrate the struggles and successes of the rich tapestry of people that make up the TGD community an often misunderstood and ignored sector of society.
We strive for inclusivity, our target audience not just the TGD community and allies, but the general population as a whole.

Film Selection Criteria
TranScreen Amsterdam's Transgender Film Festival aims to showcase and support the work of trans and gender diverse filmmakers along with works that have trans and gender diverse content.
TranScreen's program includes short, mid and feature length entries from all genres from across the globe. Our programming embraces diversity on all fronts including forms, storylines, gender identities, bodies, sexualities, aesthetics, ethnicity and race, ages, class and abilities. We also welcome films that speak to the experiences of allies, lovers and families of trans and gd people and reveal how gender oppression affects all people.
All films will be viewed and selected considering quality and in line with the values of tilde. Priority will be given to films made within the last two years, however we are open to receiving films with earlier dates of production.