The Prague International Film Festival (PIFF) celebrates the best of international filmmaking. PIFF brings together filmmakers from around the world for an amazing presentation of cinematic excellence and exciting innovation.
With an emphasis on new talent, discovery, and cinema innovation, PIFF´s vibrant programme of films combines a commitment to independent cinema ideals with a sound understanding of indie filmmaking possibilities.
Prague International Film Festival especially looks forward to showcasing independent and first-time directors making use of arts and indie film spirit.
In 2023, prepare to be part of an exceptional event that is set to launch in partnership with the prestigious Barcelona International Film Festival and FilmmakerLife Awards. This exclusive celebration is designed to honor the very best of independent cinema, showcasing the industry's most innovative and inspiring works. Aptly named The World Class Film Awards, this year's edition promises to be a spectacular display of cinematic excellence with a Grand Gala Awards Ceremony. And what's more, we are thrilled to announce that the vibrant and dynamic city of Mexico will serve as the magnificent host to this unparalleled occasion. Be a part of this historic event and witness the magic of the World Class Film Awards come to life in a truly unique and unforgettable way.
*Kindly note that the festival does not pay for accommodations or cover travel expenses.
Full List of nominees to be released on April 3rd.

IMDb Page Event:

– Films must be submitted via an online screener ONLY.
– We do not accept films submitted on DVD.
– You are providing PIFF a nonexclusive limited license to use segments of your film (including trailers/film posters/press kits/teasers) for promotional purposes.
-Submissions DO NOT guarantee selection.
-All international films MUST have English subtitles if in another language.
– Entrants confirm and warrant that they have the required legal authority to use all music, images, and content in the entry submitted,
– Works-in-progress and films with distribution are accepted,
– No restrictions on premiere or online statuses.
-Official Selections will be announced on the website, social media and partners.
*Some of the Best Films will be chosen by the Committee to be screened during The World Class Film Awards 2023. Filmmakers included in the screening are notified 4 weeks prior to the event. DCP and Spanish subtitles are required at this point.*

Dear Filmmaker/Artist, We take care of your project! It will be a pleasure and a responsibility to receive your film

- The festival does not pay for accommodations or cover travel expenses

- In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
- Prague International Film Festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.
- Any Foreign film that is not in English must have English subtitles.
- You always retain 100% of all rights to your intellectual property.
- All fees are non-refundable.
- Prague International Film Festival will not be responsible for damaged copies.
- Students must present a valid Student ID in order to receive our student discount.
- Not all the submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given about not selected films.
- Prague International Film Festival can consider any film to be disqualified if the festival considers the content inappropriate.
- Filmmakers can submit the film in multiple categories in order to become a multi-award film. Still, the decision about the selection is strictly determined by our judges' team and no selection is guaranteed.
- All films will be evaluated through private screenings.
- The applicants (submitters) must accept Prague International Film Festival Rules and Terms.
All submissions in personal categories require the name of the person you are registering to the category. You can easily send us this information in the cover letter at the FilmFreeway website, otherwise, your film could be disqualified from that specific category.
- Submitting your movie, you authorize Prague International Film Festival to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis and movie stills on our social media. (but do not release, under any form or circumstances, the full film or project)
- We do not require premiere status.
- If feedback option is selected, the entry will be judged and the submission status will be updated (From Undecided to Selected) within the next 72 hrs after your full submission. Note that this is not a writing review service.
If no main category is selected in the expedited feedback option, automatically the entry cannot be considered.
The full submission is a main category or more selected in your entry. The feedback is an additional option to get notified if your project is worthy of being included in our Official Selection within 72 hours from the time we receive your full submission.
All films must be submitted in at least one main category and may also be submitted with the feedback option.
* ​Films submitted with the feedback option without at least one main category will be disqualified with no refund.
All our main categories are listed underneath trophy and feedback option.
Remember that payments are not refundable**
- Winning categories vary every month depending on the submissions we receive. If we think the categories submitted are not to a standard of the Prague International Film Festival win, they will be removed.
- In the event that a category fails to meet the minimum participation requirement or the high standards set by our judging committee, the category may not be presented and projects may be assigned to another category as determined by the Programmers.
The Competition reserves the right to refuse entries and the Jury can remove a movie from the competition at any time. Entry fees are non-refundable. The individual or corporation submitting the film/script hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for possible screening (private and/or public) and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Prague International Film Festival, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss or damage of the screening videos entered.
The festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission at any time if there is any question of ownership, copyright infringement, or any sign of disrespect (in any form of media) to the festival or its representatives. When a project is submitted without a poster, trailer, credits or sometimes without any of the aforementioned topics, the judges take points off the final rating.
You cannot cancel your participation in the competition after the announcement of the official selection.
All our official communications must be through email. It is not possible for us to respond to messages through social media platforms, due to the large number of requests we have on them.
Festival dates & times may be subject to delay or change without notice. Please check our FilmFreeway page for deadlines and any other updates.
No work or artist will be either discriminated or favored by their country of origin, language, age, race, education, ideology, sexual orientation, or by their economic resources. Every content, every form, every technique will be considered with no censorship of any kind.
It is the Prague International Film Festival's policy not to offer comments and reasons for films not selected, results and/or decisions for the program.

All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the film contest, without notice. By submitting your film/script, you acknowledge you have read, understood and accepted all rules, regulations & conditions above.

** This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The Prague International Film Festival 2021 All Rights Reserved **

Overall Rating
  • 光男 栗原

    Thank you very much for selecting my movie to your festival.
    I would like to have my movie to be seen by the people of Prague. So, would you show it at a theater somewhere in your city?

    July 2022
  • Orlagh Heverin

    Deoch Dance (Ireland) won Best Experimental Film at the Prague International Film Festival (July 2022). I am honoured and delighted that my short received this recognition at the festival. Thank you.

    July 2022
  • Kevin Khachan

    Love love love, one of the best festivals out there.

    July 2022
  • The organizers are extremely responsive and also celebratory of the films made. I appreciated their level of promotion and the diversity of films presented. Wonderful!

    July 2022
  • Michael Boston

    Very proud to have been included in PIFF's recent edition. What a beautiful art culture and film appreciation region. Very kind staff as well. Thank you!

    July 2022