The P.O.V. International Shortfilm Festival happening in Berlin is dedicated to the wonderful technique of Point-Of-View-shots in cinematic works.

We want your P.O.V.-film, we want to see what you see, so let the Games begin.

all kind of films are allowed, any genre, theme, style or production date - as long as they are under 10 minutes and >IMPORTANT< that the film is technically and totally kept in P.O.V.-perspective!

in autumn we are going to celebrate the best films in one of Berlin's cultiest places for public film-screenings - in the middle of underground deep down Neukölln -
updates will be posted soon - we sincerly can´t wait to party with you!

Grand Juryprize 333,- Euro
2nd Place Prize 222,- Euro
3rd Place Prize 111,- Euro

1. we will accept all kind of films, of every kind of topic, from every year - but the film has to be under 10 minutes and it has to be in P.O.V. without exception!

2. the filmmaker gives us the permission to show his film at the evening without financial compensation - there will be a prizemoney of 666,- euros in total for the best 3 films!

3. It is the responsibility of the applicant alone to secure authorization for any copyrighted or trademarked material. The P.O.V. International Film Festival will not be held accountable for the inclusion of unauthorized material. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any film that fails to obtain the rights to any copyrighted or third party material. Should any infraction occur, the applicant will defend the P.O.V. International Film Festival and absolve and indemnify it of any liability.

4. the P.O.V. International Film Festival plans to make a compilation out of the chosen films, so the filmmakers give us the right to compile their work and distribute it after the festival

5. Any film including significant dialogue in a language other than English or German must provide on-screen English subtitles.

6. the festival reserves the right to cancel the event without any reason