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Billy has to juggle single parenting, paying debts, working for the organized crime and falling in love. Seems like a lot on his plate? Wait until he goes down the rabbit hole (alternate realities, possible worlds or God knows what!) and meets other, creepy versions of himself. Then he gets some weird action.

  • Robert Antonescu
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    Television Script
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    dark comedy, drama, fantasy
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Writer Biography - Robert Antonescu

I am a superhero. When I was 10, I fell from 3rd floor and got away with no scars. That's proof.
Way before that, I started writing. It became my thing right away.
I've been perfecting my craft for 30 years. By now I should have gathered my 10K hours of intensive practice. Still learning.
My work: 2 books, 2 shorts, 2 documentaries (which I also directed) and a TV pilot. Just starting to warm up.

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Writer Statement

Ever since my beautiful two daughters popped into my life, I’ve been obsessed with being a good dad. Ad a lifelong concern to understand God. Together they nurtured a dark comedy / drama TV series pilot, which is The Sopranos going to a Rick & Morty-themed ball and doing dance moves from Pulp Fiction and Little Miss Sunshine.