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Our festival is EXCLUSIVELY on the theme of LGBTQ - COMING OF AGE.
YOUR FILMS MUST THEREFORE MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS: the FIRST LOVE STORY of a youngster who belongs to the the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer community.


1st international LGBTQ – COMING OF AGE short films festival

It is the specific period of « the end of adolescence / beginning of adulthood » of the LGBTQ youth, that the Piotr Film festival has for ambition to make its public discover through a hundred of short films (between 3 and 60 minutes).
It can be a comedy or a drama, a fiction or a documentary, a music video or an animation film. But NO pornography is allowed. NO voyeurism, NO exhibition, just the recognition of love for what it is, no matter what our sexual orientation may be.

Who is Piotr Media?

Piotr Media is a non-profit organization of cultural interests.
Publisher of Ninja magazine (Editor of the year in 2010) between 2005 and 2014, Piotr Media has discovered, published and accompanied in their course, more than 1500 artists, photographers, illustrators and performers.
Ninja was the first magazine to have been published in PDF on the Internet, gathering 1,8 million readers from the four corners of the world.
The actress and Icon Marisa Berenson was its godmother.
We also assist the young entrepreneurs in building a strong visual identity.