Pinoy International Film Festival 2021: A Look Into the “New Normal” of Asian Cinema

Coronavirus had a significant impact on the film industry in 2020 and has affected all arts sectors. Movie theaters have been shut down, festivities have been canceled, and film releases have been postponed indefinitely, along with the planned PIFF 2020.

Pinoy International Film Festival 2021 looks into the future of Asian Cinema by developing “ASEAN Contents Market”, a digital content distribution platform to support Southeast Asian filmmakers and production companies to showcase their work to content buyers even there is still no actual film festival being organized. The physical event will still proceed as the pandemic dust subsides in the 4th quarter of 2021 to be held in California, USA.

The film festival focuses not only on overseas Filipinos but to its Asian neighbors as well. "Pinoy" is a word from the Philippines meaning "Filipino People", an ethnic minority which accounts for 5 percent of America's migrant population or the 2nd largest Asian-American population. As we normally see in film and television, Asians remain largely unseen in the States. PIFF 2020 is an initiative to insert real people of color into the cultural landscape of the mainstream entertainment industry.

The background of the new logo is an interpretation of a Philippine flag infused with cosmic energy. "The three colors that create the symbol are realities of the energy that the festival carries within. It is a consciousness that would guide "Pinoys" to achieve social inclusion through cultural awareness." said Edwin Maestro, the Festival Consultant of PIFF 2021. "Positive energies are within us, just believe to enhance those energies within the given cosmos." He added.

A time of crisis brought by COVID-19 is also an opportunity for OBRA Incorporated and PS Media Enterprise to look into the future, helping the TV and Film industry adjust to impending threat and building their capacity to be prepared.

Call for Submissions for Pinoy International Film Festival 2021

Official call for submissions of PIFF 2021 is on June 12, 2021. You can submit film entries online though FilmFreeway. Official rules will be announced also on the official date. For the mean time, here is our contact email for questions about film submission.

Submission Inquiries:

FilmFreeway Film Submission Portal:

How to Submit Movies & Series in ASEAN Contents Market?

Are you a Southeast Asian filmmaker? Submit your Movie or TV series and showcase your work to content buyers worldwide though ASEAN Contents Market. We want to give Asian Filmmakers an opportunity to earn money from their talents.

Submitting your content is not rocket science. Follow the steps below to start uploading information about your film in three steps:

1. Register in and verify your email address.
2. Email us though with your intent to be a “Content Editor”. We will upgrade your account for FREE.
3. After upgrading, you will be able to add your movies and TV series on the platform.

Submission is also the pre-selection to the Pinoy International Film Festival, which will be held in California, USA on the 4th quarter of 2021 so don't miss this all in one opportunity!