The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival was founded to enable an environment for its participants to observe and engage the local and international independent film and business community. We are committed to discovering and showcasing a unique cinematic experience unrestrained by conventional boundaries. We seek out new filmmakers.

Welcome to our 11th year! With the Metropolitan City of Philadelphia as its pallet the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival brings together the innovation, technology, creativity, and diversity of film in a unique filmmaker exhibition ecosystem.

The festival was hatched in 2007 out of the mediabureau.com film initiative. The group had been meeting as part of the Philadelphia Underground Film Forum #puff #uff and with regular submissions and pent up demand in Philadelphia for Independent film, we launched the first festival in 2008. What was once a digital screening group has blossomed into an annual event attended by filmmakers from all over the world.

The festival programs 80+ original films a year across 12 genres and produces or sponsors yearly creative events since 1998. We like to discuss the films we program online and offline. During the most recent festival in 2017, we hosted 1,000+ film goers and filmmakers from 17 states and over 10 countries in 5 days. The vast majority of the festival program is world and local premier status.

We award genre winners with "Best of..." genre.

The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival awards are IMDB certified.

All work should be original. All forms of film are accepted into competition. Feel free to discuss your film and its merit online.

Overall Rating
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    Mars Roberge

    They know how to take care of filmmakers and build lasting relationships. It was my second year in a row screening with them and o now consider them my Pennsylvania home away from home.

    May 2017
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    Russell Emanuel

    Great festival, great people, thank you for having us and for the award for Occupants!

    May 2017
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    Josh Real

    Amazing festival! We had the best time. Special thanks to Benjamin Barnett and Brandon Brooks for making us feel so welcome. Both went above and beyond to make sure people saw my music video "Bring Me Out the Dark". Grateful to have won for best music video. Additionally, we had fun going out with them to watch the legendary HR. Great networking opportunities and the people in Philadelphia are so nice! It felt like a second home to us. Thank you for your support and I hope to attend again!

    - Josh Real

    Connect with me on all social media platforms at Joshrealmusic.

    May 2017
    Response from festival:

    Josh Real ! Way to go out there. Great to have you road trip via TX and pull up ready to work until the very end. Inspiring for sure! Keep on making cool video's and music, we look forward to what's next.

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    Mohammad Mohammadian

    Your Festival is very nice, Thank you so much.

    May 2017
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    Cati and Mike Gonzalez

    The PIFF was one of the best 2016 Festivals we've attended during our screenings. The entire PIFF crew were awesome and they knew how to treat their fellow Filmmakers. Thanks to the whole PIFF team!

    Definitely a Festival worth the submission fee.

    Thanks so much to Ben, Kenneth, Brandon and the whole PIFF Crew.

    -Cati and Mike Gonzalez

    May 2016