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This drama is a coming of age story that shows how art is undervalued in the world today, even though some artists are the richest and the most famous people, it is really hard to get into the industry and pursue this career. In this story, we follow Philo who wishes with all of his heart to become a filmmaker, that is his number one goal and it's what he wants to study in college. However, Philo's controlling mother (Megan) does not value Philo's choices, and had already planned and choose a career path for Philo.

The story begins with Philo being emotionally abused by his girlfriend Lola at their New York City apartment. Both of them are college students, Philo being a pre-med student and Lola in acting. Their once sweet relationship has turned upside down. With every night passing by fighting, Philo finally had enough and left the apartment to go to a bar. On the way to the bar, Philo was attacked and got knocked out with a hit on his head. Due to the knock Philo took on his head, the doctors found out that there were cysts in Philo's brain that needs to be taken care of immediately. All of Philo's loved ones arrive to the hospital, which includes Philo's mother (Megan), uncle, aunt, Lola and his best friend Yuvi. The rest of the story takes place in the waiting room, through the conversations of Philo's loved ones, and also through flashbacks. We witness everyone's opinion on Philo's dream, including his mother's.

We are taken to Philo's childhood with flashbacks. Philo is raised extremely strict compared to his other friends, due to his Megan. Philo has a great supportive father (Gavin) that he loves. Gavin and Megan occasionally get into arguments in front of Philo because both of the parents are at a disagreement on how to raise their only child, Philo. Gavin is a fan of being more supportive and less strict, opposing to Megan's vision which is to be strict and controlling. Philo's love for films come out at a conversation between Philo and Gavin. That was the moment when the career of filmmaking had entered into Philo's head, and made it to the top of the 'dreams' list. Gavin was of course supportive about this, and Megan was now.

Philo went through very tough times during high-school. His father who was diagnosed with lung cancer had passed away, with the loss of his father, Philo had gone into a crisis. He had no one at home to support him anymore. Megan took control over Philo even more now that her husband was gone. Philo obviously did not take this happily, and therefore Philo and Megan's relationship was fractured to a point where Philo couldn't even tell if he loved his mother. Philo was threatened to study pre-med, or Megan would not pay for tuition. Philo had no choice, he was forced to choose his path, Philo became passionless and monotoned.

At college, Philo met his best friend Yuvi, who was studying filmmaking, no wonder they became best friends very quickly. Yuvi let Philo work with him so that Philo could get experience in filmmaking, this was also how Philo met Lola and embarked on their great relationship. Second year of college, Philo was still in pre-med, he had completely stopped talking to his mother by now. Philo's relationship with Lola was getting worse, Lola was emotionally abusing Philo and trying to control him. Both of them had moved into an apartment together. Philo knew that the relationship was on a decline, but he didn't have the courage to end things and make Lola 'sad'. He kept on working with Yuvi.

Between all of the flashbacks, we heard through the character's about Philo and what they thought of his situation and dream.

The following two years, Philo and Lola's relationship became literally horrible. Lola was the person telling Philo to not pursue a film career now, because if they marry (Lola's plan) they might not have a good income. Lola was being very selfish, reminds you of someone? Around this time, Philo was put into surgery, so we came back to how the story started.

At the end, all of Philo's loved ones talk to Megan while at the waiting room. They show Megan all the amazing work that Philo had created, to see if Megan would change her mind and let Philo study film.

The ending: Yes, Philo gets out of the surgery with good health. Megan, who realized how important her only son's life was due to the surgery, had accepted to allow Philo to pursue filmmaking. It is a happy ending, everyone was happy. The final scene is of Philo and Yuvi moving in together as roommates, which shows that Philo is also done with his toxic relationship and is on his way to pursue his dream.

  • Eren Suzer
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    Student, Screenplay
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    Drama, Coming of Age
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    United States
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  • The Monthly Film Festival
    April 20, 2017
  • Los Angeles CineFest
    Los Angeles
    May 10, 2017
Writer Biography - Eren Suzer

Eren Suzer (He goes by Eren, but the full name is Ismail Eren Suzer), a Turkish film student at Arizona State University. Eren has lived in several different places throughout his life, which include: Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Qatar and now the United States. He has absorbed the culture of each country he has lived in, and does show it in his work. He speaks both English and Turkish fluently, and believes that both of the personalities that comes with the two languages, plays a role in his writing.

Eren strives to become a filmmaker since childhood. He had started college with a 'Mechanical Engineering' major, but he soon realized that engineering was not what he wanted to spend his life on. It was filmmaking. Thus he changed his major to film, and took one more step to achieving his dream. His focus is on screenwriting and directing film.

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Writer Statement

The idea for 'Philo' arose and got together after my brain surgery. I wanted to add elements from my life into the story. While keeping it fictional and dramatic. My surgery and relationship has influenced the story, and also the people who are close to Philo. But the events were fictional.

I also had the dream of becoming a filmmaker, like Philo, but my obstacle was not my mother. My obstacle was a very relatable one by people who want to pursue an artistic career, it was that as humans we all have so much art in our lives, however, making a career out of it is extremely difficult. I overcame this belief and now I am very happy to be writing this statement right now.

I wanted to add both of an American and a Turkish influence into my story. Creating a mixture of both of the big cultures that lives within me.

I hope you enjoy my story, 'Philo'.