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The Mountain & The Mirror | The Anouka Chronicles

An ancient school creature ends up in Brodie’s bag. At first, Brodie taunts his own mum with its ill-infested presence. But Zenkraw is an ancestral link to Anouka, a fated dark portal in time at the end of Brodie’s garden. Realizing Zenkraw can compel Brodie, and his determined sister, Kat, to disappear through int this world proves disturbing. That is until Brodie has no choice but to confront it. Waking up to talking noles, snarling foxes, idiotic butterflies, and scatterbrained magpies, and encountering the formidable Ice Phoenix, Brodie can only return home upon a mission’s success. Breaking the curse within and killing the Ice Phoenix’s nest of eggs before they crack open and rule Anouka for time immemorial, of course. Brodie wishes the creature had never found him, but once underground and apparently the most inopportune savior in this ancient land of Anouka ever to be discovered, he becomes far too involved. Brodie and Kat realize that despite these talking creatures actually talking, they do have a lot to say. And if Brodie and Kat listen to these strange vocal creatures, they should surely survive. But can these creatures be trusted? Wisdom versus war is the only choice.

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Writer Biography

My name is Philippa and I believe that writing is one of the wonders of life that costs nothing when you scribe thoughts with a pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards, or plumes to parchment - whichever helps you most!)
My first collection of books, The Anouka Chronicles, I am happy to say, is based on the whimsical, magical realism traits of my own children. They shan't sue me for defamation of character. They play wondrous characters and meet witches and goblins and stinky art teachers, and werewolves and time travel and chimney sweep from 1899, and talking stags and tiny men and mothers who cannot abide their spells not working. Surely that is fantasy?
I started out writing for enjoyment on personal commutes to London as a PA. You'd think that the latent train delays and the bustle of noisy commuters would surely turn anyone off from concentration? But, I found the opposite. I managed to fall into the lull of voices, wheels, and phones and play that to my advantage. The upside of writing fiction is you can create "purely coincidental characters" otherwise, by now, I'd likely be in prison!) :)
I was so lucky to be asked by Waterstones for a collection of book-signings which were such delightful affairs. Children and parents meeting me? What more could one ask for of a Saturday?
I visit prep and state schools regularly to encourage, entertain and help instill a sense of fun and magic into the lives of children. A live talk with a person is far more intriguing than wondering if what if? - if you are an inspiring author? Books entertain and teach and guide and create familiarity and resonance between the words and the reader. One recent school for World Book Day 2019 was a fantastically wonderful invite to Sutton Valence Senior School.

Activities & Recognitions
• Waterstones book signings – presence at 5 stores including Picadilly
• World Book Day, private schools UK personal invitations
• UK Southern Book Show, invitee with Susan Jameson (UK Actress)
• Selected for Author Academy Awards 2019.

• Women’s Institute annual guest speaker UK
• Winner to guest speak at Annual Women’s Institute UK 2019
• Elected to attend UK state and private schools at World Book Day
• Elected to book sign at Christmas at Waterstones Bookstore
• Degree (Hons) with Distinction in French Literature and Theatre, UCNW

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