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Clenching of Relations

Feelings don't need words to express, that's why the film 'Pakdar - Rishton Ki…' has not been tied in the garb of any language. Now you call it a silent film or a saga without dialogues. Undoubtedly it is a short but the sentiments threaded in it are no less than an epic.
The relationship of a daughter with her father is unabated and sacred. The father takes care of the daughter and the daughter takes care of the father. The most important person in the life of a woman is the father, whereas in the life of the father, the daughters are his respect of his life and the film 'Pakdar - Rishton Ki…' narrates and portrays this strong relationship between these two.
There is no doubt that when a father places his hand on his daughter's head in India, he takes all the burden of the daughter's head on his own head. The father keeps lifting the daughter on his shoulders thinking that any tiny stone may not pierce the daughter's feet. A father's heart is always great for his daughter, he stands as a shade for his daughter even in and under the sun strokes. His only dream is the happiness of the daughter. This relationship is such that of course they do not take care of themselves but take care of each other a lot. The father does not object to any desire of his daughter, he is never angry with her, rather he is angry with himself that why he is poor that why he is unable to give every happiness to his daughter. Although it doesn't matter whether the house is big or small, every father who has a daughter in his house considers himself a rich man. He brings whatever she asked for, if he is unable to buy, he takes loan to do so, a father can do anything for his daughter. Father and daughter love each other so much, they keep smiling till they see tears in each other's eyes. That's why someone wrote beautiful lines –
Fulfilling each other's dreams is each other's dream,
The relationship between daughter and father is so exclusive.
Every father is so proud of his daughter that every father brings up his daughter with great pride. The characters of the film 'Pakdar - Rishton Ki...' are also similar. Since in this story the father is poor, the daughter doesn't even have a mother, yet he gives the daughter the love of both mother and father in every way and his only wish is that the daughter gets a better life through her academic excellence. Every single pie he earns he cherishes for his daughter's happiness, for her better future. He also forgets in this whole cycle to buy some very small things which may be very important in the house. Just like he never bought tongs which is very important in the kitchen to lift hot utensils etc. from the fire, his does this job with clothes etc. He burns his hand many times.
Daughter is the companion in father's sorrow, when no one is there to wipe his tears, she is with him at that time. The daughter cannot see the pain of her father, in this story she decides that she will do something to relieve her father from all the pain he is going through. Although the father gets angry on every bit thingy, but he ignores the mistakes of his daughter. For example, when she even to help him by cutting fire wood, the father could not tolerate it and scolded her that you should not do all these things as you are not meant for this. You just concentrate on your studies and focus on your future, as I am there to do all these… everything.
Afterall a daughter is a daughter; how can she see her father in any discomfort. Her inner self does not allow her conscience and finally she works in a field to earn some bucks, but hiding it from her father, just to buy him such a gift that will eliminate his pain and his burning of hands every time. On the D-day when she gets her salary, on the very same day her father locates her working in some fields, father gets a setback. Though he quietly walks away from the scene. But he gets so annoyed, that he will peel her skin out on whom he never raised his hand, but right today he is all prepared to break her bones and ribs. When the daughter comes home, she smells the situation and finds it difficult to calm him down. The father signals her to move her hands forward as to start beating her to make her realize and once she brings her hand out for it, the whole story turns upside down.


  • Surya Jayraj
  • Surya Jayraj
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Pakad - Rishton Ki…
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  • Runtime:
    10 minutes 10 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 9, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    4,500 USD
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  • Language:
    No Dialogue
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  • Student Project:
Director Biography - RUPESH ANANT JADHAV

Trained in film direction from Sens India Training Institute, Mumbai University, he works in many capacities including film production as producer, music director and lyricist apart from screen writing, film direction and so on. Following showcase few of his works…

Sl. Title/Category/Language Banner Designation
1 BAPU SARVGOD (Diploma Workshop Film/Short) Marathi Sens India Training Institute Assistant Director
Short/Marathi Tatharaj Entertainment &
RJ Cine World Producer, Writer & Director
3 PAKAD – Rishton Ki…
Short/No Dialogue JayRaj Films & Entertainment Writer & Director
4 Dipankar Unique Holidays
Ad Film/Hindi JayRaj Films & Entertainment Writer & Director
5 Vasugiri (feature films/under production)/Marathi Tatharaj Entertainment &
RJ Cine World Writer & Director
6 Ved Majhya Maharashtra (feature film/under production)/Marathi Tatharaj Entertainment &
RJ Cine World Writer & Director

Apart from the above-mentioned work he is ready with his other scripts, 4 films in Hindi & 3 in Marathi to be produced

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Director Statement

Long back when I was regularly visiting to a construction site for some location recce, there I saw a very simple man working hard as a labour. Usually, a labour works for one shift of 8 hours but this man was working more for than 12 hours daily. Obviously, he was getting a little more money for his overtime. But this man and his simplicity attracted me towards him and one fine day I offered him a cup of tea to initiate my quarry. I asked him why you are working so hard and too many hours, this will result in health issues for you. And then when he told me his story, that made me emotional and the very same day as a filmmaker I decided to tell his story to the world. And Pakad – Rishton ki… (Clenching of Relations) is the short is my acknowledgement to him.
When I narrated his story to Mr. Surya Jayraj, he too got very emotional and immediately he said let’s do the film, don’t worry about the fund I will arrange everything. My producer Mr. Surya Jayaraj is a businessman but he is an art and literature connoisseur first and he is very loving father and have great respect for daughter. Can you believe that all the girls in his office, he treats them like his own daughter? So, I unexpectedly got an idea and I asked him why don’t you act in this short as a loving father. He was reluctant as how can he will look like a labour. I told him look boss, let me tell you that in my film, my main focus is on father daughter affectionate relations and not labour issues. He got convinced and hence Pakad – Rishton Ki… (Clenching of Relations) is ended up.
I shot the film at the real locations. The construction site, poor father’s cottage at the outskirt village, the very same school where his daughter goes to study, the nearby market and so on. To me it seems so real that after watching the final cut, I thought hey you didn’t direct a film but you just covered the events of life of a poor father and daughter who are so rich in emotions. I love it, personally I’m so attached to it. Hoping this will touch you too.