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Exclusive Partner Benefits

  • Final Draft

    Final Draft is the world's number-one selling screenwriting software used by over 95% of the entertainment industry. Final Draft automatically formats your screenplay to industry standards so you can focus on what you do best - writing! Final Draft 12 features streamlined writing and editing tools such as Track Changes, Collaboration, Beat Board™, Import & Edit PDF, Night & Focus Mode, Insert Images, and more. Redeem for a free trial of Final Draft 12.

    Final Draft's free trial offers users 30 days to use Final Draft 12.

  • Seed&Spark

    Seed&Spark is an one-stop shop where filmmakers can crowdfund, distribute, and interact with their audience and the broader independent film community.

    FilmFreeway members receive $25 toward your crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark.

  • Film Festival Secrets

    Film Festival Secrets is a filmmaker's roadmap to the festival circuit. Tips & tricks for filmmakers submitting to film festivals.

    FilmFreeway members receive a free Film Festival Strategy bundle, including a five-part Festival Readiness course, "The Better Festival Submissions Toolkit" ebook, the "10 Simple Secrets for Saving Money on Festival Submissions" ebook, and more.

  • MovieMaker Magazine

    MovieMaker Magazine is the nation's leading resource on the art and business of making movies and the world's most widely read independent film magazine.

    FilmFreeway members receive a special discount on one year and two year print subscriptions with promo code:

  • APM Music

    With 150+ Oscar-nominated productions using APM Music, our catalog has been the filmmaker’s secret weapon since 1984. Whether you need a single cue or wall-to-wall music for your film, get instant access to 1M+ tracks, 140+ new albums released each month, and easily-licensable music spanning hundreds of genres, eras, and cultures, including works by Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Rachel Portman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Steven Price, and thousands of other incredible composers.

    U.S. and Canadian FilmFreeway members receive a free music licensing consultation and 25% off your first purchase.

  • Stage 32

    Stage 32 connects film creatives from all over the world and provides a variety of educational services designed to help you hone your craft and stay on top of all things happening in the industry.

    FilmFreeway members receive 10% off all Stage 32 Next Level Webinars and Classes with promo code:

  • Backstage

    For more than 50 years, Backstage has been the top tool for industry professionals to cast their projects. With over 100,000 actors using Backstage, casting directors, independent filmmakers, and producers nationwide use Backstage to find the right talent.

    FilmFreeway members can use Backstage's top casting tools free when you use promo code:

  • The Tracking Board

    The Tracking Board offers the largest and most in-depth screenplay spec market tracking database and jobs board in the film & TV industry. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, an up-and-coming junior exec, a screenwriter, an assistant, or a student just breaking in, The Tracking Board is here to make you the most informed person in the room by giving you the tools and information to take control of your career.

    FilmFreeway Members get a free month of membership when you use promo code:

  • TSL 360

    TSL 360 is the #1 Screenwriting Education Video Library. Become a member for hundreds of lectures and deep-dive interviews with leading Hollywood professionals. For less than the cost of lunch each month, you can have a university-level education in the craft and business of screenwriting!

    FilmFreeway Members get a free month of TSL 360 when you use promo code:

  • Slated

    Slated is the world's leading online film finance marketplace, matching filmmakers and their projects with talent, financing, sales, and distribution. Over 1,400 films have received $1.4B in investor introductions to date. Connect your film directly with over 1,700 sales agents and distributors who can increase your odds of getting into festivals and ensuring your film gets sold around the world.

    FilmFreeway members receive $100 toward Script and Financial Analysis, so you can list your film on the marketplace and start matching with investors, sales agents, and distributors using promo code:

  • Smarthouse Creative

    Smarthouse Creative is a PR and Marketing Strategy Agency. We talk to filmmakers, artists, distributors, exhibitors, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits everyday. We discuss their most pressing business and/or career goals, then create marketing, advertising, and PR plans specifically tailored to meet their needs.

    FilmFreeway members receive a $200 discount on our Film Festival Strategy package. We'll get your marketing materials submission-ready, then help you put together a solid hit-list that fits within your budget. Read more about our packages at

  • bitMAX

    bitMAX is the industry's leading digital self-distribution platform for filmmakers. bitMAX expertly places your film on iTunes and other major platforms, then collects and pays 100% of the revenue to you.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 10% discount on services.

  • Filmmakers Alliance

    Filmmakers Alliance is a community of filmmakers dedicated to the advancement of true independent film through peer-to-peer support and provides a variety of production resources including screenings, workshops, seminars and social events to educate, stimulate and coalesce the filmmaking community.

    FilmFreeway members get a 50% discount on annual membership.
    Normally $19.99, FilmFreeway members can join for $10.

  • Film Industry Network

    Film Industry Network is a global news and resource platform helping people pursue their dreams in the entertainment business.

    FilmFreeway members receive a discount on our Promoted Press Release ($99 instead of $128) and a 50% discount on our Sponsored Feature for filmmakers looking to get featured on our network.

  • IndiePix

    IndiePix Films is an NYC-based distributor of award-winning international festival films. We bring a curated collection of must-see indie films to an ever-wider audience of enthusiastic cineastes.

    FilmFreeway members are invited to submit their films to IndiePix Films for non-exclusive distribution, earning a 5% premium on their first year of revenue.

  • Wipster

    Wipster is intuitive video review and approval for filmmakers. Collaborate on top of your work in progress videos with colleagues or clients. Wipster is the most simple and elegant way to upload, share, review and approve video.

    FilmFreeway members receive 20% off any Wipster subscription when you sign up with promo code:

  • RushTera

    RushTera enables filmmakers to make radically better festival screeners and to collaborate more easily during production, post, marketing and distribution.

    FilmFreeway members get their first 3 months of RushTera service free.

  • TorontoDCP

    DCP finishing you can order online with the click of a button and receive anywhere in the world at the most affordable prices.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 10% discount to the final cost of your DCP package.

  • Filmstro Pro

    Filmstro Pro is a music publishing library built in to a desktop app that enables Filmmakers to adapt and recompose professional soundtracks to suit their films. Available for Windows and Mac users.

    FilmFreeway members receive 15% off Annual Blanket Licenses for Personal, Non-Profit, For-Profit, and Broadcast TV and Radio licenses. Use the following code at purchase:

  • Simple DCP

    Simple DCP creates Digital Cinema Packages for theatrical exhibition. Whether you're planning a film festival run or distributing your film to theaters, Simple DCP provides you with the tools and expertise to master and distribute your film with confidence.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 5% discount on Simple DCP's services. This offer can be combined with other discounts including those offered with our film festival partners.

  • Circus Road Films

    Circus Road has sold nearly 600 films to North American distributors with many films premiering at the Sundance, Slamdance, SXSW, Tribeca, Los Angeles and Toronto film festivals. Circus Road has placed films to all levels of domestic buyers including Universal, Sony, Fox, Lions Gate, Magnolia, Drafthouse, Oscilloscope, eOne, Image, Anchor Bay, HBO, IFC, Showtime, Starz, Lifetime, and SyFy.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 20% discount toward any of our services.

  • IndieCrowdFunder is a "one stop shop" financial conduit for Hollywood to raise money from accredited and unaccredited investors.

    FilmFreeway members receive 20% discount on offering startup fees.

  • Resolution Rentals

    Resolution Rentals is a professional film, video, and photography rental house based in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. We are committed to equipping you with the tools you need, anytime, anywhere.

    FilmFreeway members receive 25% off of your first time rental using code:

  • Epic Artists Films

    Epic Artists Films is an award-winning production/script development company located in New York.

    FilmFreeway members receive discounted Script Coverage for just $69.00.

  • Peatix

    Peatix is a global event ticketing platform that provides organizers with the tools from social media promotion to advanced sponsor recognition to free mobile apps for organizers and attendees.

    FilmFreeway members pay no commission or service fees up to 100 attendees and only credit card processing fees after 100 attendees.


    FEST FILM LAB is a training center free from academic constraints that presents regular workshops throughout the year and give the best worldwide professionals in this area. It presents workshops with professionals that are worldwide recognized and proved their skills in the industry.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 25% discount on workshop fees with the code:

  • Nimia

    Nimia provides a safe haven for filmmakers to archive and license footage. Nimia's video management suite features footage licensing, a complete management toolset and scalable private storage.

    FilmFreeway members receive a $150 discount from their first purchase AND an extra $150 with the contribution of 100 licensable clips.

  • The Film Festival Doctor

    The Film Festival Doctor offers bespoke consultancy & management services to filmmakers in order to advise how to create successful film festival, sales & distribution strategies and to achieve global exposure & desirable recognition.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 10% discount off all consultancy services.

  • CyberLink

    CyberLink Corp. is the world's leading multimedia software company and pioneer in video and audio technologies on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Cutting-edge products such as PowerDVD, PowerDirector and Media Suite are among the world's best-selling digital multimedia applications.

    FilmFreeway members receive a FREE download of PowerDirector 13 LE.

  • Cloud 19

    For 15 years, Cloud 19 has been a 1-stop resource for post production & mastering services, providing digital media solutions to Hollywood studios, Indie distributors and film producers everywhere! Consider us for your QC reports, Hardware-based DCP's, DVD & Blu-ray Authoring, Color Grading and other Finishing services.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 15% discount on all Cloud 19 services.

  • NewFilmmakers Los Angeles

    Founded in 2007, NFMLA has established itself as a strong gathering place for independent cinema screening 1350+ films from over 64 countries. With over 60,000 supporters, the monthly festival provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized for their accomplishments, gain exposure to new audiences, and connect with industry professionals for insight on distribution, production, acquisition, and representation.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 50% discount on a $100 Household Membership which gives you access to all our monthly screenings plus added bonuses. (Membership valid for 12 months. Not applicable for current/renewing NFMLA members)

  • is the Film and Television industry's online IP Registry system used by writers, filmmakers and creators for Copyright Protection of written creative works providing third-party secure archival for proof-of-creation. Screenwriters and Filmmakers register their original scripts or pitches prior to exposure in any marketplace. Always Protect Before You Pitch!

    FilmFreeway members receive a 30% Introductory Discount on an initial project registration with the FilmFreeway discount code:

  • ProductionHUB

    ProductionHUB is the global network of local crew & vendors, for all your production needs–from corporate media and live events to film, television and digital media, and everything in between. Post jobs, request quotes for crew/freelancers or companies/vendors, browse profiles in 300+ categories, or contact us for personalized assistance on your project.

    FilmFreeway members receive 20% off an upgraded Featured Profile or advertising on ProductionHUB with discount code:

  • NetCaptioning

    NetCaptioning specializes in broadcast-quality closed captioning and subtitling services. For over ten years, filmmakers have chosen NetCaptioning to handle their captioning and subtitling. We work closely with our clients to ensure their projects reach the widest audience while still remaining in budget.

    FilmFreeway members receive 20% off your first project. Contact us and mention code:

  • Mirror Mirror Music

    We work with the best composers in the industry to handcraft our library for Film & Media. Our approach to Royalty-Free Music is not only quick & cost effective, but designed to inspire.

    FilmFreeway members receive 25% off Mirror Mirror Music's Royalty-Free Music Library for Film & Media with discount code:

  • Genera

    From its headquarters in London, Genera provides an alternative way for short filmmakers worldwide to achieve funding.

    FilmFreeway members receive 25% off their film funding application with code:

  • T-Port

    T-Port is an online streaming platform that gathers the newest films being made in leading film schools around the globe, in one place. The online platform allows industry professionals to view and find the next generation of filmmakers.

    FilmFreeway members receive a free yearly subscription on T-Port with registration code:

  • DCP2GO

    DCP2GO offers complete professional services for DCP authoring including: preparation of materials, authoring, encryption and key management, duplication, control and check-up (test screening), transfer and distribution, translation and subtitling, and technical organization.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 35% discount to the final cost of DCP package using code:

  • Fabrik

    Join the world's leading filmmakers with a Fabrik portfolio website. Simple to use but incredibly flexible and powerful, Fabrik is the fastest way on earth to build a beautiful portfolio website.

    FilmFreeway members receive 20% off any Fabrik plan for two years. Start your free trial with full customer support, then subscribe with promo code:

  • The Mandy Network

    The Mandy Network is the #1 jobs platform for actors and film & TV production staff. Sign up today and apply to the latest jobs and auditions. Get hired by leading employers across the entertainment industry.

    FilmFreeway members can try the the Mandy Premium Membership for FREE with code:

  • AutoDCP

    Use AutoDCP and your Dropbox account to make a DCP the easy way! Drag your movie into your Dropbox folder, pay with Paypal, and get a DCP ready to deliver to your festival. It's cheap, fast, no minimums and you own the DCP.

    FilmFreeway members receive anywhere from 20% off to completely free DCPs.

  • IndieTalk

    IndieTalk is the Internet's premier filmmaking community, established 2003. Newbie help, pro advice and tips, networking and promotion, as well as film festival discussion.

    FilmFreeway members will receive 30% off of Final Draft 11 screenwriting software directly from Final Draft for new purchases and upgrades. To redeem this special offer, visit, choose an IndiePRO or indieBIZ membership, then contact for your promo code.

  • Checksub

    Add subtitles to your film quickly and inexpensively with the subtitles generator of Checksub. This platform allows you to obtain a professional result. First, generate captions in the source language.Then you translate them automatically into the desired foreign languages. And finally you can create an SRT file (VTT,TTML, ITT,...) or generate an exportation.

    FilmFreeway members receive 30 free minutes of automatic subtitling. Contact us and mention code:

  • Videvo

    Videvo offers thousands of free stock videos, motion graphics, music tracks and sound effects, all in one place.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 20% discount on Videvo's premium monthly subscription with code:

  • Prewrite

    Prewrite is a visual screenwriting tool designed to add structure and impact to the script writing and discovery process. StoryStats - our content analysis engine - helps writers quickly uncover and resolve key structural challenges. StoryShares - our script discovery vehicle - transforms scripts into beautiful marketing pitch decks. Good writing is Prewriting.

    FilmFreeway members receive a special $50 discount on annual subscriptions with promo code:

  • Take2 IndieReview

    Take2 IndieReview is dedicated to reviewing the Best Independent Films in the Industry today! Director/Actor Interviews also available! Our passion for great films inspires us to be a voice for your work.

    FilmFreeway members receive a special 20% discount with coupon code:

  • Entertainment Oxygen

    Entertainment Oxygen, "eoApp", is a resource network and production communication platform for the entertainment industry. Our modern technology allows users to showcase their creative talent and collaborate on ideas and projects around the world.

    FilmFreeway members receive access to all the premium features on eoApp for an entire year with code:

  • The Festival Key

    The Film Festival Key creates personalized film festival strategies for your film to achieve your film festival goals.

    FilmFreeway members receive a 15% off a "QuickConsulting" package. Email with code:

  • Filmatick

    Accelerate your filming process by choosing the latest shot planning software for screenwriters and film directors. Filmatick gives users the tools they need to experiment with different staging and art directions - such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing. Filmatick is the essential shot planning software that allows filmmakers to create a 3D video storyboard of their film.

    Filmatick is offering it's annual subscription for $24.99 a month for first time members. To receive this limited time offer email with code:

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