PiFF is where you:
Hang Out for FUN & DRINKS afterwards,
so we can CONNECT and STAY IN TOUCH.

The PADOVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (PiFF) is a live short-film festival organized by a non-profit filmmaking assosciation based in Padua, in the North-East of Italy: Sangre Malo Film.

The festival takes place during the course of the year 2021 with 6 LIVE SCREENING EVENTS in cinemas and open air venues that change throughout the year.

The first 5 events are divided by Genre:

DRAMA screening taking place in February
COMEDY/ROMANCE screening taking place in April
ANIMATION screening taking place in June
EXPERIMENTAL screening taking place in August
HORROR/THRILLER/SCI-FI screening taking place in October

Each of these categories will have its own event and deadline during the course of the year.

The 6th event will be the culmination of the full year presenting the best films from each category and awarding the final prizes of the festival in December 2021.

- to celebrate the art of filmmaking;
- to connect artists around the world, creating a strong network of filmmakers, talents and opportunities;
- to consolidate the city of Padua as an interesting destination for independent cinema in Veneto;
- to showcase the works of emerging and independent filmmakers, offering visibility and support;
- to support diversity in the world of filmmaking;
- to advance innovative filmmaking in Italy.

At the Drama, Comedy/Romance, Horror/Thriller/Sci-FI, Aniamtion and Experimental events you'll have the chance to win one or more of the following awards:

- Best *Genre* Film - Jury Prize
- Best *Genre* Film - Audience Prize
- Special Jury Mention

The live screening will be a projection in cinemas or open air venues open to all people.
The jury panel will consist of a selection of local filmmakers and film academics.

All winners of *genre* Jury and Audience prizes will be newly screened at our final event where the final prizes will be awarded:

BEST SHORT FILM 2021 - Jury Prize
BEST SHORT FILM 2021 - Audience Prize

We are a non-profit association, that means we can’t provide any money prize, so winning provides the following:
- Promotion via social media and official website for the films selected and awarded during the year.
- An official PiFF *Category* AWARD PLATE and LAUREL to the awarded shorts during the live events.

- Short films must have been produced from 1 January 2019.
- Short films must have a 40 minutes max duration time.
- You can submit multiple films.
- There is no first look requirement.
- Submissions are accepted exclusively via the FilmFreeway platform.
- By submitting your film, you are agreeing for it and all related content (stills, names, clips and trailers) to be shared, linked in our social channels and our website.
- If your film is selected, we request to download it from FilmFreeway directly.
- You are the copyright owner or producer.
- We don’t pay travel/trips to live event locations; we don’t pay screening fees to show films.
- If you don’t receive the awards in person, we won’t sent you the award plate, but we’ll email the laurel.
- We are not responsible for any copyright infringement of your material.
- By agreeing with our term, you give us permission to publish stills, posters and trailers of your short film on our website and/or social media pages.
- By submitting, the sender declares to own the rights of the works, that the contents don’t violate the in-force laws and that the same contents are not libelous. In every case, the authors relieve us from every possible loss, damage, responsibility, costs and obligations of any kind that can follow the projection of their movies. SIAE matters and the payment for the related rights, in case of music executed by a third party, are competence of the authors.
-By submitting your film you are agreeing, ONLY in case covid or sanitary regulations don't permit public events and projections, for it to be streamed at an online live event.
- All fees are non-refundable.
- We reserve the right to make any necessary changes in regulations, award or event scheduling.
- By entering the competition, the senders accepts these rules.