Paadmaan Video Event is an international video event born in Tehran, Iran, seeking to explore video documentations of recent interdisciplinary works of art (e.g. installation, performance, new media). Organized by Paadmaan Projects, the Video Event considers ‘video’ as its central theme.

The event emphasizes on video in the context of the art documentation, while addressing the challenges embedded within the so-called ‘documentation’ of interdisciplinary art works. Priority is given to works of art that portray these kinds of challenges, from the lens of the artist with attention to the artistic decisions made during the process of the documentation.

Paadmaan is an independent artist-run platform that aims to promote the development of a positive shared community identity and self-empowerment by expanding on existing discourses surrounding contemporary art.

The archival project is done in collaboration with itinerant venues to create an alternative platform for holding a collective discourse to amplify already-existing interdisciplinary art content, and to discuss reviewing documentation of art projects in terms of representation [in addition to the video screenings].

- The video event is open to visual and new media and interdisciplinary artists from all over the world to apply with recent documentary of their artistic project.

- Video should be a documentation of the artist project. If video maker is someone else he/she should have permission that must be sent to the festival.

- All submitting videos to the festival should respect the copyright rules. No restrictions for screenings in other countries.

- Films in other languages rather than English (incl. those in Persian) must be subtitled in English.

-The length of the videos shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes and videos longer than 10 minutes needs to be shortened or won’t be screened.