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Oracle of Blood

A kidnapped girl and a ghost help each other escape a pagan cult that plans to use them in a magic ritual.

May Fraser joined a pagan cult that wants to create an oracle to speak with the spirits of the dead. What she didn't know is that the pagans' only interest in her is to kill her and use her body as the vessel for a ghost. As she waits for a horrible death, the ghost that the pagans are trying to capture proposes a pact of mutual help, so that both of them can escape the sordid plans of their captors. Can May and the ghost break free from the clutches of the treacherous idol worshippers before they can complete their terrifying sorcery? Time is running out. May has only got one chance to avoid becoming an Oracle of Blood.

  • C.J. Lazaretti
    Last House on CCTV, Scripture Screw-Up
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - C.J. Lazaretti

C.J. Lazaretti is a film and video editor based in Glasgow, UK. Since his debut editing the documentary The Gospel According to St Derek (featuring Tilda Swinton), he has worked mostly on British short film projects and TV shows. Cosmico, his directorial debut, was licensed by Channel 4's Random Acts platform after winning five awards at international film festivals. After studying screenwriting in Texas and Scotland, C.J. wrote 16 short film scripts (eight of which have been produced), as well as three feature-length screenplays. Find out more about him on

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Writer Statement

Thank you for your interest in my screenplay "Oracle of Blood". It is an original 80-page horror film about ghosts and black magic in a modern-day setting, with a story of violent betrayal and unlikely friendships at its heart. My influences for this script include Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man, John Carpenter's The Thing and Wes Craven's Scream, as well as more recent cult classics like Blumhouse's Paranormal Activity and The Purge franchises. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about "Oracle of Blood".