No Stress Music Video Awards is an independent competition of music videos, that puts emphasis on the individual creative components that contribute to the creation of the music video. Unlike other music awards awarded in the Czech Republic, in its competition categories it does not only focus on the evaluation of the music film as a whole, but also appreciates, as in film, the individual creative and artistic professions that are important when clip creation.

Best Music Video
The most prestigious award from expert jury for a music video, appreciating the quality and interplay of all creative components.

Best Director
Award for music video with an unprecedented directing approach. Award for the director of the music video.

Best Cinematography
Award for the best cinematographer for his creativity and skills in composition, shooting and working with light.

Best Video Editing
Award for the best editing, a feeling for telling a picture, etc.

Best Actor
Award for the best acting performance in a music video.

Best Experimental
Award for creative or innovative approach in clip processing. Award for creative concept creators.

Best Low-budget
Award for the best video clip of the year with a budget of up to 1000 €.

Shock of the Year
Award for the music video with the scent of mystery, a touch of bizarreness or unconventional in its concept or design. Award for the producer or director of the music video.

Hall of Fame
Award for the best music video clip of previous years (1950 - 1999).

The No Stress Music Video Awards ("NSMVA") is announced by No Stress Production s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the “NSP”) on the basis of a vote of an expert jury.
I. Rules for awarding the No Stress Music Video Awards
1. The NSMVA can be awarded to a music videos ("MV") that premiered in the given year for which the new year of the NSMVA is announced. The 2nd year will award the music videos made in 2022.

2. By registering MV in the NSMVA, you consent to its publication on the NSMVA communication platforms, in press materials and as part of the award ceremony.

3. By registering MV in the NSMVA, you honestly declare that the registered work was produced or had its premiere in 2022.

4. You can submit your MV via FilmFreeway website. 

5. NSMVAs are announced in the following categories:
• Best Music Video
• Best Director
• Best Cinematography
• Best Editing
• Best Actor
• Best Experimental
• Best Low Budget
• Shock of the Year
• Hall of Fame
6. NSMVA in the categories Best Music Video, Best Low Budget and Shock of the Year belongs to the MV producer, in other categories to the performing artist.

7. Personalities to the Hall of Fame are selected by the NSP. Each year, a significant personality will be awarded who will appear on the global artistic shift of MV from the selected country.

8. A single entry fee for all categories is €12 for Earlybird deadline, €17 for Standard deadline and €22 for Late deadline. Gold Members fees are €9 for Earlybird deadline, €14 for Standard deadline and €19 for Late deadline. For more information about Gold Membership visit: 
II. Method of voting on nominations for the NSMVA
1. Each member of the jury evaluates all MV submitted to the competition.

2. If a member of the jury or a close person involved in the production, distribution or promotion of a MV, he or she may not vote for that MV. Each member of the jury undertakes to inform the NSP if it is suitable for any of the evaluated video clips.

3. Voting shall take place in two rounds. Five videos or five people in each category, determined by the jury, who will receive the most points will advance to the second round. The MV and the person who received the highest number of points from the jury in the second round will win.

4. Voting on nominations for the NSMVA is not public.