You will find me swinging between film and music.
A Saudi Architect who’s been involved in the arts since childhood. From a young age, he established himself well in the local theater production community. With a wide range of interest in film and music. Before graduating from university, Nizar started working as a freelance graphic designer. Later on, During the COVID pandemic, Nizar got his first opportunity to be introduced to film community by attending a number of workshops that leads him to participate as a PA in the feature film Kas-h, Directed by Abdulaziz Aldaughter. His passion for art and space transcends the screen by designing a film set for participants in a cinematic experience at the Saudi Film Festival, 2021 He then started working as an Art Director and participated in 8 short films and 1 music video as well as a commercial advertisement.
Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University
Birth Date
October 2, 1997
Birth City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Current City
Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Qatif, Saudi Arabia
Zodiac Sign
- Has directed 2 Shakespeare plays for graduation ceremonies during high school.
- was hating Rap music for his whole life, until he has the opportunity to help his brother making hip hop music at home.
- Left his dream of filmmaking studies because he couldn’t apply to filmmaking school. Architecture was his second choice. by time.. he discovered the connections between Architecture and filmmaking. As a production designer.. he could do both!
- His fancy, classical and colorful style of design inspired by “The Great Gatsby”.
You will find me swinging between film and music.
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