NYC Film Screenings Festival: A monthly film festival in New York City to help end homelessness. Helping Freedom Ladder ( end depression and empowering people in depressed/ poverty situations. Helping make the world a better place.

Showcase your short film or feature length films in New York City, Manhattan. If you are a filmmaker located in New York City or New Jersey, your screening submission will be HALF OFF. Connect with press, distributors, media, film, and acting professionals. Get seen by New York City distributors, film and arts community!

We will be showcasing short films and feature length films. All genres of film accepted. Max short film length accepted: 20 min.

If you are a filmmaker not located in New York City yet you submit through the New York City category, your entry will be automatically disqualified. Powered by The Set NYC

Awards & Prizes

Winning filmmakers receive live screening opportunities in New York City. Connect with IMDB credited distributors and NYC film industry professionals.

Rules & Terms

Person submitting the Film acknowledges that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, Producers and/or other authorized representatives of the Film. The Set NYC is not liable for any lost or stolen property, before, during, or after the festival.

-Filmmaker must attend screening/invite friends/ family/ production staff, acting
staff, etc to screening.
-Up to 2 comps allowed per film. 1 drink minimum still applies.
-Location: New York City, Manhattan. There will be tickets available for pre-sale and at box office.
-Please patron the screening venue (drink, food etc)
-Monthly Film Screening Series
-Theater seats 60 people
-Quicktime file, DVD, or Vimeo (preferred)

15 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Mark Cabaroy

    Great venue but small, could use a better audience turn out. I think I would like to screen something else there again and see if the experience is different.

    August 2017
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    Linda Kuriloff

    This live screening event was informal, intimate, and professional at the same time.

    August 2017
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    David Kennedy Polanco

    Supporting a worthy-while cause while spotlighting cinema and working with friendly, available (great communication) personal .

    I recommend NY Film Screenings and wish them well.

    August 2017
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    Stephone Brown

    Very Friendly and engaging! Very great overall experience! We plan on submitting again :)

    August 2017
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    Harry D'Janite

    For this to be my very first time screening the film it was good to expose my film in an intimate setting. I personally didn't mind the cover charge or perhaps the 1 drink minimum. I get it...however I also feel that the filmmakers and cast should NOT be charged the $5 cover. There should at least be a small or minimum guest list.

    I arrived an hour early (6:30pm) to scope the place out and introduce myself to Pim. He wasn't around yet. I was hungry so I asked the Lovecraft bartender about food and he said there was no food available. Since there was a menu outside I thought that was odd, I also felt that he was kind of short and dismissive. He didn't even say you're welcome to have something to drink at the bar. I was kinda turned off and went two doors away to eat at Fonda . I'm confused that this venue would choose to not open their kitchen on a night that you would have potential patrons.

    Overall I felt that it was a cool environment to showcase my film and hold discussion. I do understand that there were other films that needed to be screened however I did express to Pim that I felt rushed during the Q&A.

    The screenings is promoted and billed as a Freedom Ladder event. There was no mention of the organization and the work they do at all. I feel that there should have been some sort of introduction by Pim of all the films and the Freedom Ladder organization involved. I had to take it upon myself to introduce and set up my film.

    Overall I thought it went well. I had a great turnout of people to support the screening of my film. If all the kinks are ironed out I would definitely consider screening again. Thank you!

    August 2017