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new khetan nagar

Pitch paragraph- New Khaitan is an area called Nagar, it has an open space, beside it is a school named Saraswati School and Junior College. The school and college open space is use for cycle parking by students . Students of school and students of Junior College and students play in open space.The students of school and junior college play kabaddi, their girls are playing kabaddi at a good level in the state.people of colony is not happy cause school use the open space. While they also play the roles. There are some knotty boys in the area like Golu, Praveen, Deepak, Sonu, Amar. vinu is the head of these boys. Vinudada is a special man of the M.L.A.. over some affairs there querell happen between school people and area people. Concerned about this, Vinudada proposes to build a temple on the open space in front of the people belongs to colony, some people from the area supportes to vinudada . With this issue, there is a fight again between the people of the school and the colony people. But temple bult in the open space. Elections come in the districts, and in the election Babuji M.A.L. I lose his seat . After the arrival of the new government, notice of removal of the encroachment of the district comes out, in which the temple of this area is also falling. Babuji Gupta M.L.A. runs a trick to solved this problem. In which the pieces of meat fall on the stairs of the temple BY babuji. And his accusation comes on Kabaddi coach Farhan Shaikh. friend of farhaan Guddu ,gets out from this affair. But in the end, Farhan dies by some religious fundamentalists.

  • vishal vijaykumar kamley
    new khetan nagar
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hello, sending you my feature film script for festival please go through it. and covey your opinion as soon possible.