The North America Chinese Directors Tour is by far the ONLY existing program with a mission of discovering emerging Chinese directors who have an educational background in North America, featuring multi-level and multi-channel promotional campaigns and incubator initiatives.

It is a platform that provides emerging Chinese directors with access to industry resources, connecting them to industry capitals, and supports them to jumpstart their careers. Through various screening and networking events in major cities of U.S and China, selected directors will have the opportunity to showcase their films with a broader audience, share experiences with fellow filmmakers, meet with producers and distributors in China, and broadcast their visions to the whole industry. It’s a community where we can inspire and support one another, and work together to ultimately change the shape of Chinese cinema!

• Screening of finalists in major cities in the U.S. and China (New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and etc.);

• After-screening parties and networking events for filmmakers and industry professionals ;

(For the current COVID-19 crisis, screening and parties may change to on-line events. )

• Press conferences for massive media coverage

• Opportunity to be distributed on major Chinese online streaming sites with revenue share;

• Jury Award

• Feature Potential Award

• You must be a North American educated filmmaker of Chinese ethnicity (regardless of nationality);

• The length of your film must be no longer than 40mins;

• Narrative, documentary, and animation are all acceptable;

• NO requirements on the premiere status;

• Work must be completed no earlier than 1/1/2018;

• Submission Deadline: 08/15/2020

Overall Rating

    Great film festival for Chinese directors.

    January 2017