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Life and love if Monaco, Monaco's sightseeing buildings, etc, an Artgallery tour, or Fashion tour or a classic tour, more in for by FB Renis musical sightseeing tour

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  • reni von bifamo
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    February 15, 2019
Artist Biography

Singer, dancer, actress, createur, writer since over 40 years in art, fashion, music,poems, script for theater, musical, film.
IFS Cologne, Berlin
Theater group school
Hordes Film
Choral st Paul and school
2 classic concerts in Monte Carlo, other events here around wedding, vernissagevernissage
Art events here too, L'Entrepot, Hotel de Paris, Rothschild foundation etcetc
Artmodel too
I have 3 diploma, design, economy, PM
I have founded a lot of products

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Artist Statement

I fall in Love with Monaco because I like Belle Epoque buildings, mountain and cote d'Azur , garden with naturel flowers, trees etc. and it was my wish as I was young to enjoy later my life in such an international place. I traval a lot before and it exist beautifully places too but often would destroyed , is a pity.