Help end human trafficking in Thailand! Take action by creating a short film.


Free trip to Bangkok from anywhere in Thailand for the finalists to attend the awards ceremony!

Your film could be seen across the country!

What should your film be about?

(1) All videos must promote positive actions that help prevent human trafficking.

(2) Videos must promote the National Hotline number 1300. This is a FREE hotline number you can call from anywhere in Thailand. Remembering this number could save yours or someone else’s life.

Why would I call 1300?

(1) If you want to report a possible trafficking case, call 1300!

(2) If you want to make sure that a job opportunity is real, call 1300!

(3) If you are about to migrate for work and you need advice, call 1300!

Three cash prizes will be awarded:

First place – 30,000 THB
Second place – 15,000 THB
Third place – 10,000 THB

A judging panel will review all of the film submission and create a list of finalists.

Finalists from within Thailand will be invited to Bangkok in June 2014 where the the top films will be screened and prizes will be awarded as part of Thailand’s National Anti-Trafficking Day activities.

Entrants will be notified if their film has been selected as a finalist no later than May 20, 2014.

Who can enter?

(1) Entrants must be youth between the ages of 15-25.

(2) People appearing in the video do not have to be youth. However the videos should be created for a youth audience and be appealing to young people.

(3) Multiple youth may work together to make one video, as long as all members of the group are between the ages of 15-25.

People over the age of 25 can help with the making of the video (e.g. educators, teachers, instructors, etc.) but their support should be mainly technical (editing the film with direction from the youth, renting equipment etc.)

Please remember:

(1) All videos must promote positive actions that help prevent human trafficking.

(2) All videos must include the national human trafficking hotline number 1300.

(3) No video may contain vulgarity, violence, defamatory language or any other subject deemed by the film competition organisers to be counter-productive to positive messages about how to prevent human trafficking.

Videos may be of any type, style or genre – animated, documentary, drama, music video, comedy etc.