The Montana International Film Festival (MINT) is an annual festival located in Montana's largest city, Billings. We love films that are thoughtfully controversial, pushing technical or creative boundaries, and truth & beauty searching.

While there is now more cinematic content being created than ever before, somewhere out there is the next Ingmar Bergman or John Cassavetes. We want to help discover the next generation of great filmmakers and help promote their work. We are committed to curating the best indie films from around the world by filmmakers of any background or experience. We care about films that have a strong narrative core, characters with emotional depth, and the ability to push creative, technical, or social boundaries.

We are a festival that will give new and upcoming indie auteur filmmakers a world-class experience and are committed to watching every film submitted so that each submission has an equal chance of acceptance. Whether it's your first film or your one hundredth, consider submitting to the Montana International Film Festival today!

We believe there is a need for education, networking, collaboration, and synergy among filmmakers, film enthusiasts, film students, and working professionals. MINT is proud to offer the following programs and events during the festival week.

-Screenwriting 101
-Cinematography 101
-Film Producing 101
-Film Directing 101
-Documentary Filmmaking 101

-Film Incentives and the State of Montana
-Women in Film
-The Art of Cinematography

-Film Student, Producers, and Directors mingle

-Filmmaker Starter Camera & Sound Kit Raffle ($2500 value)**
-$5000 Billings Film Society film grant for a Yellowstone County filmmaker**

All too often great films by hard-working filmmakers go unseen, and we want to change that outcome! We know how hard it is to make a film. We know how much you’ve likely sacrificed to bring your film to life, and we want to assure you that the selection process at the Montana International Film Festival is a true meritocracy. All films submitted will be viewed in their entirety by knowledgeable programmers, not by inexperienced volunteers who may only watch a minute of your film and move on to the next. In an ever-growing sea of film content, we understand that the role of the curator is more vital than ever and we take this role seriously. We’re a world-class festival that gives up-and-coming directors a platform and an audience to show their work.

Our three venues include beautifully equipped 75 and 200-seat theaters, as well as a pop-up location within the community. Billings is a growing and vibrant city located along the Yellowstone River in eastern Montana. Voted by Outside magazine as the #1 Best Town of 2016, the city has an abundant, energetic and passionate audience of film and art lovers who are ready to see your film and ready to share their community with you.

**subject to change.

Awards & Prizes

Jury prizes in the following categories:

-Best Narrative Feature
-Best Narrative Short
-Best Documentary Feature
-Best Documentary Short
-Best Narrative Junior Short Film (Ages 13-18)

Rules & Terms

The Montana International Film Festival will take place in Billings Montana from September 13th to September 16th, 2018.

Submission Deadline
Early deadline is March 9, 2018. The regular deadline is June 9, 2018. The extended deadline is July 6, 2018.

Submission Format
Films must be submitted through the FilmFreeway online screener.

Submission Eligibility
All submissions must have been completed after January 1, 2015, for consideration.

Premiere Status
There is no premiere policy. A world or domestic premiere not required.

Selecting Films
Film submissions are reviewed and considered under the following criteria:
-Quality of narrative (or documentary subject matter)
-The emotional depth of characters
-Ability to push creative, technical, or social boundaries

Festival Screenings
The Montana International Film Festival has the capability to screen BluRay, DVD, Digital Files (.mov, H264, H265, .mp4, ProRes). If submitting physical media, please indicate if your film is PAL or NTSC. We do not support 35mm or 16mm formats. DCP certification coming 2019.

We have partnered with several venues in Billings, including Art House Cinema, to ensure the best quality projection is available. Failure of technical equipment, while rare, can happen, and we, along with our theater partners will not be held liable. Submission fees will not be refunded in any such case.

Festival Jury Prizes
We offer cash awards for winning films. Jury prizes available for Best Narrative, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Feature, Best Junior Short Film (ages 13-18). Non-Jury prizes award to Audience Favorite.