• Mohammed Haddad
  • Mohammed Haddad
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    November 11, 2011
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    September 1, 2012
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Artist Biography

Mohammad Haddad is a Bahraini composer and music critic, an active artist in the film scores of Bahraini films. He picked up the Lute and made it his major instrument until he flew to Cairo to pursue a degree in music composition and conducting at the Cairo Conservatory of Music, focusing on the Piano.
Armed by a very western Piano in one hand, and an extremely eastern Lute in the other, with enough power to bridge the gap between the two worlds of east and west, he experiments in the traditional Bahraini music, analyzes it, breaks it down, builds on it and merges it to the abstraction of contemporary forms.
Taken by the idea of composing music for the screen, he composed music for Movies and short films, Theatre, Documentaries and Animations. He also collaborated with number of other artists like sculptors, poets, actors and photographers.
Before starting his career as a music composer for films, Haddad had secured a position at the University of Bahrain as the senior music specialist at the University.

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Artist Statement

TARAFA - The project
The project started amid research about the life of the poet (Tarafah ibn al-‘Abd), who lived in Bahrain. Tarafa went through unique circumstances throughout the period of his short life (543 to 569), during which he faced many of injustice, especially from his uncles who harmed and denied him… Despite all that, he lived free in spite, rebel, and was against the kings until he was confronted by the king of Al-Heera (Amr ibn Hind) that had him killed before he’s thirty...

Tarafa’s project addresses the stages and characters in the life of the poet, also known as, (the slain lad)… The music tells the psychological transformations that he went through; his lonely lover, the relatives that turned against him, his faith, and his painful and mysterious death…