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Adam - a notable photographer in Los Angeles - takes a road trip with his friend Gerry to move past a difficult break up. Their plan is to take photos in Death Valley on their way to Las Vegas. Taking a road less traveled, they discover a secluded rest stop with a diner, gas station, and motel. When Adam catches a glimpse of a lovely face through the diner's kitchen window, he wants to stick around a bit longer... even if the tiny town's denizens seem bent on making him leave.

Adam gets to know Lorelei, the strange young woman who seems to know very little about the outside world. Adam becomes certain that Lorelei is a captive in this small desert town.

But things become strange. His car dies, as does the mechanic working on it. When Adam and Gerry try to drive away from town, they see the rest stop grow small in their rear-view mirror... and then reappear down the road in front of them. Reality becomes fluid as they become aware of Lorelei's true power. Lorelei isn't the fly in this spider web... she's the spider.

  • James Castle Stevens
    "Déjà Vu" (, "Venus" (, "Create Your Dreams" - Commercial (
  • Alex Hackworth
    Reel (
  • James Castle Stevens
    "Déjà Vu" (, "Venus" (, "Create Your Dreams" - Commercial (
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Writer Biography - James Castle Stevens

A former professional actor with guest star and recurring credits on television shows such as THE DREW CAREY SHOW, THE KING OF QUEENS, and HEROES, James also directs theatrical productions throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. His writing has always supported these passions, including many short film scripts which James directed and produced, and a few spec screenplays. Most notably, his screenplay THE RETURN OF JESSE MILLS was optioned twice.

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I'm looking to make my first feature film, now that I have a few short film projects under my belt. I am accustomed to getting a good look for my productions with little to no budget; this grant opportunity seems like the perfect fit.