Roll Wit Da MOB Ft LOTUS Living Off The Usual

Through out the gray smoke.
It comes clear,
every time I take tokes.
Mediate thought
Stay free from catching cases in court.
Look at reality It's never a game
or sport the time you waste is either long or its short.
Life is a cost!
So you gotta keep your pockets fat
It pays to be boss
gain or a loss make sure that you can profit the cost.
Divide what you make on the regular
Wholesale connections call on the cellular.
It's building up!
My question to be real enough
More than heart!
Struggle wit me get this dough just to bubble wit me.
To bear arms!
Get ready for the ring of alarms,
silent the bomb a lot of hate when the plotting is on.
Trying to go against the team,
all you saying is words
ya'll get shot to be dead with the birds,
vanna white couldn't vowel my words.
Live life for the lessons that's learned
Roll wit the mob!
So let me introduce myself we hustle, and get rich fast
pocket my shit stash.
Armed to blast and keep weed like the farmers hash.
Take chains just to pawn for cash.
That's me!
Cars, to bikes, and jet-ski's mad trying to put me on ice like gretzky.
Ya'll get pointed like a target to range when these bullets take you outta ya frame, what we enforce is life exchange.
Bronx ballers just be doing our thing!
Beam dots when we scheme plots,
f***ing with steams hot!
Believe or not I need to drop.
It's all about cash and broads switching lanes like a traffic car.
Put shots through your roof like the hoops with a basketball?
Roll Wit The MOB!
Dj Wrex!
Roll Wit The MOB!
Tommy Two-Weeks!
Roll Wit The MOB!
Roll Wit The MOB!
Mu, mu, mu, mu
Minority MOB!
Dj Wrex productions yeah~

  • Jesse A. Waldo II
  • Jesse A. Waldo II
  • Jesse A. Waldo II
  • Eddie Hernandez
  • Jesse A. Waldo II
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  • Eddie Hernandez
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  • Jesse A. Waldo II
  • minority mob entertainment- LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
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