Welcome to the Meters International Film Festival!

The film festival’s best movies will be shown in Bristol Valley Theater that is located at 151 South Main Street, Naples, NY 14512

Event date: April 14, 2018, 7 pm.

Filmmakers whose movies have been selected for showing during the shortlisting procedure are not charged any fees for entrance and can bring friends who can also visit the festival for free.

Guest ticket costs (at the door) 5$.

You will have an opportunity to watch movies included in the festival program, talk to colleagues and get inspired for further creative work.

The list of movies selected for exhibition by the jury will be presented in the Official Selection section of our official website.

We will be glad to welcome you on April 14, 2018 in Bristol Valley Theater at 151 South Main Street, Naples, NY 14512 at 7 pm.

It is the mission of the MIFF to support the work of talented and dedicated filmmakers and to share their work so that it may inspire, educate, and transform youth and professionals in the youth work field. Our main target group is the generation of developing young filmmakers but we are very delighted at every entry. The essence of this success is to motivate common activity among young inland filmmakers and other international organizations taking part in the audiovisual program.

The Meters Film Festival (MIFF) is a not for profit organisation (USA) that has been set up to give audiences a chance to see films that might not be available in other local public venues, while also inspiring local film makers with access to workshops led by leading industry experts.

We support variety and so our film choices will never follow a set genre. This will allow audiences to sample cinema that they have either never considered or perhaps haven’t had the chance to experience before. We are hoping to give filmmakers, young and old, more reason to pick up their equipment and make the most of what they have. With the ability to film on your phone and the cost of professional equipment dropping constantly, it’s never been easier to make a film.

We welcome film and music submissions of all genres: Romance, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Action, Sci-fi.

All Films Selected under Official Selection will receive laurels of festival. All Award winner will receive winner laurel and certificates.


Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best Music Video.

The festival official language is English. Dialogs which are different from English must have English subtitles.

Films must be submitted via online screener method only. Please do not mail DVDs.

Participants will be notified via email of the selection results.

Programmed works may be excerpted (up to 2 minutes) for television and other promotional purposes.

You agree to receive email communication from us which may include: marketing and promotion of upcoming events and programmes, important notices.

All filmmakers submitting a film for consideration must guarantee that they own all rights associated with their entry including the rights/permissions for use of accompanying music. Please ensure that you have all necessary releases.

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  • Alex Kom

    Great festival! I was glad to take part.

    September 2016