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Meera, a 18 years old teenage girl with different socio-economic status and Kathir, with the same age group but, different socio-economic background, study in a college where they love each other and have a romantic relationship. One night, he enters into her house desparately to talk to her but, she hesitates and is afraid of meeting him as her father is at home during that time. However with a little hesitation, she meets him in the backyard of her house and at some point, due to the physical intimacy they loose their temper and fondle romantically. During the time, her father notices them and thrashes him out angrily. And also, he scolds his daughter for her action and she feels guilty and cries emotionally. Next day morning, she reveals her father about her relationship with Kathir. In other end, Kathir’s father Saigopi, who is politically influential person in the society and who treats others based on their socio-economic status, becomes aware of this incident through his son. He is very concerned about it and enquiries in his socio circle about Meera’s family and knows about her background. He wants to break this relationship through his well-known person Kanthan, who is the Sub-Inspector of local police station, by using his political influence. He calls him for his favour and speak about it and Kanthan also assures him that he will deal this matter.
Sub-Inspector Kanthan invites both parties for a table conversation and they also come to the station. He accuses Meera’s father Arul for his brutality and unlawful action against the boy Kathir but, Arul claims what the boy did is not accpetable and that is a misconduct behaviour. Kathir’s father Saigopi argues with Arul what he did is unlawful action and the misconduct behaviour is not on his son, rather that is on the girl Meera. Likewise, they both accuses arguably and at the end, Arul gets out of the station angrily with his daughter due to injustice and improper treatment.

Both of them Meera and her father, are disturbed by this incident and to an extent, she is emotionally distressed by the way how she is mistreated at the station due to various socio inequalities. She feels lonely and isolates herself inside house. Her father Arul notices it and has an empathy for his daughter and supports her to come out of this emotional distress by advising her the realities of life. She is overwhelmed by her father’s love and support and decides to break up her relationship with Kathir and look after her own way.

She meets Kathir at the train station and he regrets for what his father told about her and her family but, she refuses to accept it and breaks up her relationship with Kathir to get out of his life and look after her own life.

    Renuka, Darkside
    Renuka, Darkside
    Renuka, Darkside
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    12 minutes 59 seconds
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    February 11, 2020
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Director Biography - SENTHAMIL

I am a short filmmaker and has shot 3 short films so far, one is "Dark side" which is an horror based, and other one is "Renuka", which is a drama based on family emotions, and the third one is "Meera" which is also a drama based on a teenage girl life. Renuka has been awarded under best short film category in Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. Though my primary profession is as Software Architect for full time, I work part time towards my passion as a Filmmaker. I also pursue my studies in Screenwriting under London Film Academy, UK.

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Passionate about Screenwriting and Film making...