THE MOROCCO ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL, The MAFF, a unique festival, the first of its kind in Morocco and Africa, where men and women from the whole globe gather together to share their exceptional adventure experiences concerning film projections, debates, concerts, live shows, exhibitions and animations. Testimonies of modern-day adventurers, extreme sports enthusiasts, frequent travellers from Africa and elsewhere will gather in this base camp at the forefront of nature and extreme.
A guest platform of: Directors, Producers, adventurers, Artists and Top Athletes will provide us a unique opportunity to reunite this vast community of explorers and to spotlight the diversity of this globalized world. Exchange knowledge, ideas, passion, to emphasize the impermanence of the fragile nature and ecosystems to be preserved, incarnate the values of a society focusing on the human development.
The MAFF intends to do with its own scale.
Introducing the potential of a giving Africa and its treasure trove: From Namibia’s waves to southern Morocco’s magical waves, the highlands of Kenya to the great Atlas, from the small bushes to the great desert… in a breath taking nature.
To take you on this journey, the MAFF is built around two main pillars:
- Ensure the need to travel and expeditions in the transformation of societies, insist on sharing values, open-mindedness, stimulating knowledge and consciousness, maintaining a healthy curiosity and wonder.
- Adopt a multidisciplinary approach, by involving experts and scientists of all disciplines, for one can be a journalist and traveller, documentary filmmaker or artist and also a great traveller.
The MAFF counts on the logistical and financial support of various, public and private partners to enable this project to arise.
The destination is at hand reach and together we will achieve it!

1 - Grand Jury MAFF Winner - Best overall film as decided by our judges.
2 - Best Moroccan Competition Film Winner
3 - People’s Choice Award (Adventure) - Best adventure film as decided by the audience.
4 - Ibn Battouta Best Travel Film- Best adventure film as decided by our judges.
5 - Best Short Film
6 - Best Photography - Photo Contest
7 - MAFF Adventurer of the Year


1. We only accept film submissions via FilmFreeway.

2. If your film is selected as part of the 2018 Festival & Tour we’ll ask for a digital copy that we can download in the following format:

Quick Time 1920 x 1080 HD using a h265 codec at 5000 mbps OR Quick Time 1920 X 1080 H264 @ 20000mbps.

3. Please enable the 'REQUEST DOWNLOAD' function when you submit your film so that we can download it if needed.

4. Include promotional assets with your submission (photos, film posters, etc).

5. This is an ADVENTURE & Travel DOCUMENTARY film festival. There is also an ENVIRONMENTAL aspect to the film festival and we welcome environmental documentary film submissions. We ONLY accept documentary films in those two genres

(...if you submit a film that doesn't fit either of those two criteria it'll likely mean that you didn't read our very simple guidelines and just pressed 'submit')

3. Feature lengths films are classed as films of 40+ minutes.

4. For the Short Film Category films should be between 3 to 40 minutes. We PREFER short films to be under 20 minutes.