Welcome to the Long Island Summer Festival's
October 2022 Season

We're all about the full immersive experience, whether Horror, Drama, Action, Comedy or Mystery -
-We're ready for your "Short" or "Video" while guests watch on dressed in Costume, sitting in a Halloween Decorated Venue -inside and outside.

This one is Not for the Kids. It's all about the Vibe, D├ęcor and Costumes with us! The food and drinks - all designed to create a Film Festival Adventure.

Winners Will Be Selected for Best:
1. General Short
2. Horror Short
4. Director
5. Actor
6. Actress
7. Musical Score
8. Special Effects (make up or scene)
9. Best Movie Poster

Awards will be shipped to Winners who cannot attend in person

-*All Projects and Trailers Must be downloadable mp4 or mov files only. We do not stream from other Platforms.
-*Must have a Movie Poster with Title
-*Filmmaker will upload project, trailer and poster to Virtual Platform
-*Trailer is highly Recommended for promoting
-*Must include at least one Social Media Account - both Instagram and Facebook preferred
-Meet All Deadlines
-Laurel, when received, Placed on Title and uploaded to Submission Page
-Meet all Deadlines
-Nothing Hateful, demeaning, racist, biased or overly violent
-Refunds Are Not Issued
-We promote before, during an after film festivals
-Do not send files by email
-Check your junk mail and promotion tab for emails sent via Film Freeway
-Schedule of Screenings subject to change
-No changes or additions may be made after the deadline

Overall Rating
  • John Ousley

    Great experience! Thanks so much for the selection!

    October 2022
  • Honored for our Film "EJs Warriors The Documentary" to be included as an Official Selection in this Festival.

    November 2021