Leonid Khromov International Film Festival (LKIFF) was founded in 2020 by producer and entrepreneur Leonid Khromov. LKIFF is an independent platform for international cinema, where bright and ambitious beginners and experienced filmmakers can present their films to the international community.

The LKIFF jury consists of creative and vibrant people who are professionals in their fields (actors, producers, directors, film critics, etc.). Full-length and short feature films are accepted for participation in the festival.

Grand Prize ($300 USD + Diploma)

Best Drama (Diploma)
Best Comedy (Diploma)
Best Fantasy (Diploma)
Best Fighter (Diploma)
Best Documentary (Diploma)
Best Animation (Diploma)

Best Short Film ($100 USD + Diploma)

Best actor (Diploma)
Best actress (Diploma)
Best Director (Diploma)

Short films and feature films that were shot in 2017-2020 are accepted for participation in the film festival. Duration of short films: no more than 35 minutes (including credits).

All non-English films must be with English subtitles. All films must be submitted through the online platform.

Incomplete works will be considered provided that they are completed before the start of the festival.

If your film is selected, we will ask you to send it by mail. You can submit more than one film, but you must fill out a separate application for participation and pay a fee for each film.

Duration of feature films: over 60 minutes (including credits).

Premiere requirement. To participate in the festival, showing a film does not have to be premiere. Films shot in 2019-2020 should not be freely available on the Internet. Films shot in 2017-2018 can be posted on the Internet.