The Livable Planet Film Festival will take place in San Francisco between April 22-May 2, 2021. We’re the environmental film festival keeping alive the independent spirit that launched the green movement.

We aim to celebrate the blue marble we all live on and also confront the challenges we face in maintaining a livable planet. Most of us don’t want to up and move to Mars just yet, so we’re looking for films that inspire us all to help save our asses.

We take all comers, whether they be compelling documentaries, adventure films or narrative fiction films with environmental themes. Films are curated into themed sections, which pair projects with complimentary subject matter or ideas to create a cinematic journey for our audiences and begin to engage them with sustainable solutions.

The Livable Planet Film Festival is presented by SF IndieFest, a 501c3 non-profit, that has presented over 60 film festivals over the past 23 years, acquiring a strong following with independent film fans and garnering press coverage and recognition for thousands of films and filmmakers.

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We look forward to considering your latest film!

Audience Choice Awards and Jury Prizes for Best Short, Medium and Feature length films in these categories:


All films completed after January 2019 eligible for consideration.