LAST MINUTE TWISTS is the first-ever 'social made' web series, a web series filmed by directors from all over the world.

The 7 film directors to be admitted to the first season will be rewarded with one of the 7 prizes (filmmaking goods and services) offered by our sponsors and will also compete for the 350 $ cash audience award.

So far, 5 episodes have been admitted.

Episodes will be out weekly starting from October 16th on LMT's official website, YouTube channel, FaceBook page, Vimeo channel, Google+ page and Twitter, to provide our filmmakers with the widest possible audience.

1. A professional slider of any length by SmartSystem.
2. A 15' DCP video conversion (2K or 4K) with 1 audio and 1 subtitles track.
3. A RedGiant Color Suite full license.
4. A NeatVideo Pro Plugin license.
5. A Transition Pack 1 & 2 Bundle.
6. A bundle of all of the current and future VisionColor products.
7. A 3D logo cinematic sequence by the VisualFX artist Federico Surace.
8. A 350 $ cash Social Award.

IMPORTANT: you can download the full 'Rules and regulations' PDF from here:

1. Shoot your one minute story with a final twist.
2. Fill the entry form at and add our head and end titles sequence to your film.

1. Your film must be previously unreleased as a series episode.
2. You must own all of the rights to your film.
3. You must grant us the right to keep your film as an episode of the series with no time limitation.

1. Video resolution must be at least 1920 px wide and/or 1080 px high. Any aspect ratio is accepted.
2. Video codec must be H264 and video container must be MP4 or MOV. No bitrate limitations.
3. Audio codec must be LPCM (16 bit - 48000Hz) or AC3 (16 bit - 48000Hz - 320 Kbps).
4. English subtitles are mandatory, even if dialogs are in english. They must be SRT or SCC files.
5. Films can be in any technique: animation, stop-motion, rotoscope and so on.
6. Films must be between 56 seconds and 1 minute and 56 seconds, including credits.
7. Every film genre is admitted, as long as your story ends with a twist!
8. The title of your film must be "The last ____".
9. We’ll provide you with the head titles for your film through the entry form. End titles are up to you.

Maybe, we already have a good script for you!
So, if you can't come up with a good idea for your film, just write us: