KRISHI FILMS-2018 will showcase films based on Revolution in Agriculture in the world.

The advent of change and the fast development of modern technology as well as the changes in attitudes, cultures, nature of the soil & weather and lifestyles, the farmer needs to open himself up to new visions and perspectives, will be the theme of KRISHI FILMS-2018.

Ranging in any length, film entries will present local farming methods, revolution in Agriculture, advise on dietary choices, show stunning landscapes endangered by a warming climate, and document the lives of farmers in the World.

It will be an International event that will bring the best films on Agriculture and the idea is to create an atmosphere for film makers, scientists, students and academicians to meet and exchange thoughts.

Revolution in Agriculture may sound a small word but it contains centuries in it. It is older than the civilization and sometimes civilization becomes synonym to the agriculture. If we call civilization the body then the agriculture will be its soul. In that sense the festival covers a vast range of subjects when we say “Films on Revolution in Agriculture”. The idea is to understand Agriculture of other parts of the world and to showcase Revolution in Indian Agriculture to the world community.

There are TWO awards in each category

IFRA Best Documentary film on Agriculture
IFRA Best Animation Film on Agriculture
IFRA Best Fiction Film on Agriculture
IFRA Best Documentary film on Agriculture by Student
IFRA Best Documentary film on Agriculture by a film-maker from HARYANA (a state of India)

• The KRISHI FILMS-2018 is a festival of short/documentary films based on Revolution in Agriculture. It will be held in January/February 2018, in a prominent city in Haryana, India.
• All films must be submitted on-line for consideration by the Selection Committee. If entries are sent in the form of DVD, entries must be sent to the KRISHI FILMS-I prepaid and, for your own protection, should be insured.
• A completed entry form must accompany each entry.
• Please notify us by mail, fax or email of any address changes.
• The Festival committee has the right to accept or refuse any film without assigning any reason whatsoever.
• The KRISHI FILMS-2018 reserves the right to use excerpts and pictures from the film for promotion and public relation purposes.
• The film can be in any language, but it should be subtitled in English or Hindi. If the language of the film is English or Hindi, it is not required to be subtitled.
• No limitation for running time it can be 1 min. or 180 min.
• The film can be documentary, fiction or animation. The original film may be produced on 35mm, 16mm, HD, DG Beta, Beta SP, Beta, U-Matic, DV, DVD, Mobile
• Entry for film is free. One participant can send as many entries he/she likes, but with separate entry forms ( you may copy or zerox entry form), synopsis/description, still photo, press kit should be enclosed.