***Please see Rules & Terms below to obtain free submission fee waivers!***

**KIFF has a K-12 student prize category! See Rules & Terms below for more information**

The Klamath Independent Film Festival is the premier Oregon-centric all-genre film festival, receiving more Oregon film submissions and giving more screen time to Oregon films & filmmakers (and our very northerly California neighbors!) than any other festival.

KIFF films are selected by a multi-person jury consisting of filmmakers and regular people to ensure a non-biased, balanced exhibition which celebrates films for film's sake in a way even general audiences can appreciate. Real films selected by real people, for real audiences to enjoy!

Celebrating, growing, and bringing attention to filmmakers is our primary purpose. We program and award Northern and Southern films separately in order to give the greatest opportunity for filmmakers to be seen and recognized for their work. We aim to pass our success back to filmmakers through awards and promotion, both of which increase as our success increases.

With $1800+ in prizes, awards are as follows:

Southern films (shot predominately in, or by residents of Oregon and California counties on the Oregon/California border):

- Jury Grand Prize Feature $300
- Jury Grand Prize Short $300
- Jury Runner Up Short $150 Amazon card
- Jury 2nd Runner Up Short $75 Amazon card
- Jury Best Student Short $100 Amazon card

Northern films (shot predominately in, or by residents of the remainder of the State of Oregon):

- Jury Grand Prize Feature $300
- Jury Grand Prize Short $300
- Jury Runner Up Short $150 Amazon card
- Jury 2nd Runner Up Short $75 Amazon card
- Jury Best Student Short $100 Amazon card

...and all submitters are entitled to two (2) free Weekend Passes (Saturday/Sunday) whether their film is selected or not, in order to bring filmmakers together and encourage them to meet/network/see each other's work!

*Student films must meet all KIFF guidelines below. For specific student film info, see #6.

[1]. We list a submission fee on FilmFreeway in part to prevent an onslaught of ineligible films from being submitted to us. If your film meets our eligibility requirements below, we are happy to offer you a free submission waiver upon request. Contact us at info@klamathfilm.org.

[2]. KIFF 2018 is open to shorts (less than 40 minutes in length) and features (more than 40 minutes in length) completed January 1, 2018 or later, by filmmakers who are residents of the state of Oregon, or California counties on the Oregon border (Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Modoc counties), *or* residents from anywhere in the world whose film was predominantly shot in the aforementioned regions.

[3]. Films must be submitted no later than June 1, 2019. Please note we have a tight review and selection schedule. Unlike many festivals we do not tend to take films after the deadline so be sure to get yours in on time!

[4]. Limit two (2) short and two (2) feature submissions per filmmaker.

[5]. Submissions shot in or by residents of Oregon and California counties on the Oregon/California border will be considered for our Southern categories. The remainder of submissions will be considered for our Northern categories.

[6]. K-12 students are eligible for our new student prize. Films must be no more than 5 minutes in length max (not a second more), and meet all other KIFF guidelines in these rules (completion date, rights to content as detailed in #7 below, etc.). Students who are residents of Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, and Lake counties in Oregon or Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Modoc counties in California should enter as a "Southern Student Short". Residents from elsewhere in Oregon should enter as "Northern Student Short". Winners will receive a $100 prize!

[7]. Filmmakers shall have all rights to, or have received permission to use, all video/images, music and any other media contained in submitted films. There are also rights-free and/or "fair use" sources which can be found on the internet via a search, such as "rights free music", for example. For more information, contact us. We want to help you get your film on the big screen!

[8]. If your film is selected for show, you grant KIFF the right to exhibit your film, and use clips/stills from your film, in order to promote you and the festival.

[9]. All decisions by judges and organizers are final. Any submissions which do not meet the requirements will be disqualified, so please be sure you meet all requirements! Entry fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • Gabriel Morgan

    Definitely a wonderful festival! The care that was lacking at other festivals was achieved here and was greatly appreciated. There were plenty of instances for networking and mingling and the whole festival was structured quite nicely. I would recommend submitting to this one! It's worth it.

    February 2019
  • A well-run festival celebrating Oregon & Northern Californian film. Jesse did a great job organizing the festival, held in a great spot in Southern Oregon. Communication was great; thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    October 2018
  • russell mcmahon

    From a one day festival five years ago to a three day event celebrating independent Oregon and Northern California films and filmmakers this festival is hitting it's stride. If you are from Oregon and have a film big or small, do not hesitate to enter it in KIFF. This little festival is making it's mark and growing each year. Kudos to Klamath Film Group for their dedication to the care and feeding of local and regional filmmakers.

    September 2018
  • Cailin Tamplin

    I had a great time! The festival was very well organized as well as accommodating for the filmmakers! Our hotel room was a steal at $40.00 per night and the festival even made deals with restaurants to get free breakfast! It is a small film festival, but I am eager to see it grow into a renowned event.

    September 2018
  • Simon Scott

    A great little film festival in Southern Oregon. Incredibly hospitable (deals with local hotels were fantastic) and the communication from the festival was top notch. Good networking opportunities as well. Premiere film festival for Oregon films. Would be proud to showcase work at KIFF in the future.

    September 2018