You’re invited to the 2019 Kingdomwood Film Festival, October 3-6, 2019, Atlanta, GA

About Kingdomwood Intl Film Festival (KIFF)

Kingdomwood International Film Festival (KIFF) is a 501c(3) organization founded in 2008 originally as Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival by Audrey Thomas and Joe Williams. Our annual film festival provides a forum for independent filmmakers to screen films that promote and inspire Christian teachings, strong faith and values. KIFF screens full features, shorts, and documentaries, along with workshops, symposiums and training opportunities that offer creativity and insight of industry trends in faith-based filmmaking and production.

KIFF creates an environment of trust, dialogue and receptiveness for families and individuals searching for films that speak to their inner spiritual thoughts and lifestyle, while providing a tremendous platform for filmmakers wishing to express their spiritual vision on film.

Our goal at Kingdomwood is to REACH, TEACH and INSPIRE the next generation of filmmakers and the community of film enthusiasts. Our annual festival features over 100 films, educational workshops from film industry leaders, celebrity panels, networking and awards and recognition.

REACH. Each year, KIFF reaches film makers, screenwriters, producers, directors, distribution companies and film festival attendees---with hundreds of faith-based films with creativity, depth and enjoyment you can’t find anywhere else!

TEACH. At KFF, you have an opportunity to learn from experts in the industry, build mentoring relationships and share your insights and learnings with others.
INSPIRE. The panels, workshops, amazing special events with new and seasoned filmmakers who have a passion for faith-based films—will inspire you at the festival and beyond. KIFF showcases faith-based films, filmmakers, and the making of films that promote spiritual growth and mentorship.

Kingdomwoood Intl Film Festival is an umbrella organization established to manage and promote programs and services that elevate and position Kingdom business and includes: Kingdomwood Film Festivals, Kingdomwood Film Institute and Kingdomwood’s Kingdom Rating System (K-Rated).

Kingdomwood Film Institute is the educational arm of the organization that provides workshops, seminars, networking events, private screenings, and independent filmmakers business services such as distribution, private events and other growth-oriented opportunities for filmmakers.

The K-Rating System / Kingdom Rated Films (in development) provides guidelines that determine the appropriate viewing audience for a film, similar to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). KIFF stands at the forefront of moving this industry along and promoting new and emerging filmmakers.

We welcome the opportunity to share the experience with all kingdom attendees as we REACH, TEACH and INSPIRE the next generation of filmmakers.

Why KFF?
Movie-goers are craving for films that bring to life…faith, values and Biblical truths--that edify, feed the soul and draws them closer to the God who made them. Our goal is to bring film relationships together—filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, directors and distribution companies—to make the films people are craving.

In 2016, faith-based film developments in the movie industry attracted Christian interests and enriched producers in this lucrative market. In fact, Risen, The Young Messiah, Miracles from Heaven and God's Not Dead 2--were reported jointly to have grossed more than $120 million. The movies were hailed by Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) as hitting the high standards that they expect and set for entertainment. Today, it is abundantly clear some sectors of Hollywood recognize that there are profitable opportunities to draw audiences in with film content that is relatable in their spiritual lives.

Beyond profits, we believe there is lasting, immeasurable value in bringing relationships together in the film industry to make the kinds of films families, children and adults enjoy—to help build lasting, caring relationships, promote integrity, character, forgiveness, grace, mercy and love that flow throughout our troubled world for lasting impact.

KIFF was established not just as a conduit to serve faith-based filmmakers and the film industry, we consider ourselves experts in the film industry---so we have the ability to guide, direct, infuse relationships in ways that mutually advance the filmmaking experience. One of the ways we accomplish this is our 11th Annual Kingdomwood Film Festival.

Kingdomwood Intl Film Festival (KIFF) provides an atmosphere of engagement and networking that enables filmmakers to network with each other and form relationships and alliances that can be beneficial for future growth in the industry. For example, actors are exposed to directors who may be need of an actor for their next film; a producer may be looking for a director for their next movie project. Relationships formed at the festival can blossom into productive working relationships for countless other projects.

What you can expect at the Festival –

• This year, KIFF is featuring a 48 Hour Short Film competition inside of our film festival. The 48 Hour Short Film competition is a competition in which a filmmaker is assigned a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue, and have 48 hours to create a short film containing those elements. More specific details will be provided soon.

• KIFF will be jam packed---with a Film Festival Meet & Greet, event expo, interactive panel discussions, training and expertise-building for film makers, distribution opportunities, film workshops, workshops for women filmmakers, movie screenings, perpetual networking, Red Carpet experiences, church service/worship and praise opportunity, prize drawings, film-themed game shows, Red Carpet experiences, Black Tie gala, awards and recognition…and much more.

• KIFF guarantees prime opportunities to establish relationships in and around the church community—an integral interconnection to the film industry for the promotion of programming among church leaders, diverse congregants all across the country. These important, bold conversations and dialogues about the film industry could impact the church body and our communities, impacting the lives of families, children and adults.

• KIFF is delighted to over private-sector company sponsorship opportunities to promote brands, products and services to a broad customer base. KFF past sponsors include: Verizon Wireless, Pure Flix Entertainment, Skip-Stone Picture, GPP, Inspired Family Ent. Georgia Film Music & Digital Ent.

• KIFF continues to network with film industry insiders to serve as a pathway to connecting filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, directors and distribution companies—searching for a broad range of faith-based content. Further, KIFF understands that audiences are searching for prime content in their movie going. Collectively, great dialogue occurs and often leads to advancements in the faith-filmmaking industry. Companies like Sony Picture's Company / Affirm Films, Pure Flix Entertainment and Aspire TV. They spent time at KIFF to hear from those who share valuable insights about faith-based films.

“Proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.” Acts 28:31

Stay tuned for Kingdom Film Festival’s 2019 Schedule…Look forward to seeing you in October!

Now that Kingdomwood regular film submission process is "Now"open! Kingdomwood is offering yet another opportunity, to have your film submitted in our upcoming Festival in you like.

We are encouraging you to seek sponsors for your project, and have the sponsors submit your project to Kingdomwood. Essentially your project will be submitted on behalf of your sponsor. A company, individual or group can be a sponsor, and sponsoring your film will allow them to support a family-friendly project and have their brand, product or service promoted throughout the Kingdomwood network.

Festival Perks and complimentary access to our 10th Anniversary will be dependent upon the level of sponsorship chosen by your sponsor. We will make every effort to accommodate your sponsor and position their brand, product or service in a manner that showcases their support of your project and the festival. This is an exciting “first” for Kingdomwood, and it is our hope that you can find sponsors who are willing to support your efforts to position your project at the 11th year celebration, October 3-6, 2019. Kingdomwood look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:

All Nominees will be announced at this year's Kingdomwood gala and the winners will be awarded at the “Filmmakers and Screenplay Writers Award Show”.

Crowns In Heaven --- > Crowns at Kingdomwood

The Bible specifically talks about 5 different crowns that will be given to some of God’s people when they enter into heaven. If you look very closely at what these crowns are going to be for, they will be for work that is done for God that is beyond the normal scope of what the average person may attempt to do.

This is for work that goes far, above, and beyond what the average person may actually strive for. Just like trophies, rings, and plaques are given to sports heroes or winning teams in sports, God apparently is going to be doing the same thing in heaven.
He will be giving out certain types of crowns for the people who were willing to go that extra mile, who were willing to give that extra special effort in whatever God had called them to do. These crowns will be a special reward that will be rewarding excellence and maximum effort.

Effective November 1, 2016 - Kingdomwood's criteria are:
• Sexually explicit contents, excessive violence and excessive
• Entrants MUST have a team member present at the festival to win;
• Sponsors and Film Festival fees are Non-Refundable; and
• Film Submission fees are Non-Refundable. Once an entry
payment has been processed we cannot provide a refund.
• Filmmakers must be at least twelve (12) years of age;
• Competition is open to filmmakers in the United States

**All non-refundable fees will go towards Kingdomwood Film Institute programs for the education and support of faith-based filmmakers.**

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Overall Rating
  • The Church of Almighty God (CAG)

    Thank Kingdomwood team for exhibiting our two films this year. This film festival collected many great Christian and family films this year, and we were impressed by them. We feel honored that our film “Where Is My Home” could receive an award here. The award ceremony was also impressive and with a lot of fun. Hopefully next year we can get other films screened here. Thank you again!

    October 2019
  • Marvin J Lowe

    Kingdomwood has Class!!! The Staff was warm and friendly. The networking was profitable. My film "Daring To Be Different" received "Best Actress"!!!! Seeing that this is my first film, I am "geeked up". To Audrey, Joe and the staff, you are awesome people. Stay strong in you efforts to pave an avenue for upcoming Filmmakers such as myself!!! Kingdomwood Forever... Mjl

    October 2019
  • The Kingdomwood Intl Film Festival was a first class festival from the beginning to the end. The staff there done a good job to make you feel very special. And the special stars they brought in was very pleasant to talk with. The red carper treatment you would have thought you were in Hollywood. I would encourage all film makers if you want to feel a piece of Hollywood submit your work to their next festival and pray you will be selected. Thank you Kindomwood Intl Film Festival.

    October 2019
    Kcff goldman presenting
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Michell for your kind words! This one wasn't easy. However, reading your comment make us feel appreciated.

    Blessings to you and your wife! It was a blessing to had me you both!

  • Marcia Chandler Rhea

    The Kingdomwood event was what I expected. The organizers were warm and friendly, and the filmmakers were an extraordinary and passionate group of professionals. I enjoyed the supportive and nurturing atmosphere of all the activities and meeting new friends. I am truly humbled to be honored with the colleagues I met at Kingdomwood.

    October 2018
  • The Kingdomwood experience was awesome. The organizers were awesome and very friendly. I enjoyed meeting many filmmakers and hopefully created long lasting friendships. The awards ceremony was filled with love and the presence of GOD!! I would recommend this festival for future filmmakers looking for a great experience.

    October 2018