Founded in 2006, the RICFF hosts FREE screenings of creative, non-violent films in mostly urban neighborhood settings such as libraries, daycare centers, schools and places of worship (during the pandemic, we have temporarily switched to free online screenings). One of our founding principles is to bring films TO children, as opposed to asking them to come to us in the more traditional festival venues such as arthouse and museum theatres. Studies have shown many at-risk children do not have access to transportation, so we purposefully choose community settings where children and their families can easily walk. After screenings we follow up with art and media literacy activities, and give away free books. The RICFF is the first and only festival in Rochester to do this.

We offer AUDIENCE CHOICE award certificates.

PLEASE NOTE: Our films are primarily targeted to children age 5-11.

PLEASE SUBMIT AGE-APPROPRIATE, non-verbal or English language films only. Thank you!

We look for short films (7 min. is at the top range) that creatively inspire children's imaginations. Our films include a wide range of subject matter -- from films sharing gentle social messages about such things as kindness and respect of diversity to abstract line drawings set to music to funny things that make kids laugh or want to dance. A few of the films we show have been made by children. We do not show violence. We do not show films made for an ongoing US-based TV series. Films must be English language or nonverbal. We prefer recent films but at times have shown older titles as well; many of our films have won multiple awards, including the Academy Awards.

We are happy to answer questions on any of our rules & terms. Thanks again!

REASONS FOR DISQUALIFICATION: Due to the younger range of children in the audience, adult themes, violence & dialogue/profane language are not allowed. We also do not accept films with captions.

Overall Rating
  • Kelli Caldwell

    Thank you so much for including our short in your wonderful festival!

    May 2023
  • I was thrilled to learn that my film was an official selection at RICFF this year and then honored to see "The Hot Air Balloon" play among such an outstanding roster of shorts. Furthermore, it was a delight to see my work accompanied by educational materials to be used in a classroom. This was a great festival with some excellent films.

    May 2021
  • Amazing festival formatear filmmakers!!!! Godó Lucía!!! Ileana ANDREA GÓMEZ GAVINOSER

    May 2019