Born in 1981 Isfahan
Graduated in the filed of Art Painting (Art Visual)
Start of animation activity in the kanoon institute for the intellectual development of children & young adults thought education since 1996 with the masters as well as Ahmad Arbani , Abdollah Alimorad and Ali Asghar Zade.
Member of jury in TEHRAN animation festival.
Member of jury in MEDIA & AGRICULTURE film festival.
Member of jury in PARIS student film festival
Member of jury in JAM E JAM film festival
Member of jury in SAAT SHENI film festival
Member of jury in JASHN-E-KHANE SINEMA festival
The first directing experience of animation with making short film of The nest of kindness with the producing of IrannianYoung Cinema society in 1999
Producing and directing more than 11 short animations for festivals from 1999 up to now :
1- The nest of kindness 1999- 8min
2- The shadow of kindness 2000- 10min
3- MOTHER IS MOTHER 2001- 8 min
4- The dance of devil 2002- 10min
5- Terrestrial 2004- 3min
6- Good Morning Mr… 2006- 7min
7- Musician 2008-10min
8- Irreversible 2010-9min
9- Alphabet 2015- 6min
10- LOOLOO 2016-4min
11- HERO 2017-7min
The first experience of animation series directing with making Adventures of Barfak series, by producing of Saba Animation Center in 2003
Producing and directing more than 13 animation series since 2003 up to now
1- Adventures of BARFAK 26*7 min
2- OUR JUNGLE 26*7min
3- BABAK and his Paintings 26*4min
4- SHADI and SHANGOOL 26*4min
5- JUNGLE FRIEND1 26*7min
6- MY FAMILY 52*7min
7- ZARD-MESHKI 1 52*10min
8- ZARD-MESHKI 2 52*10min
9- JUNGLE FRIEND2 52*7min
10- KIMDY 52*5min
11- BOOGOOLOO 26*4min
12- SARINA 13*7 min
13- HIZLI AYAKLAR 52*7min
1- winner in USA SPEECHLESS internatinal film festival
2- winner in mexico SAYULITA international film festival
3- Winner in Austria EBENSEE International Festival
4- Winner in Tunisia FIFEJ international film festival
5- Winner in China AYACC International Festival
6- winner in revolution me film festival in USA
7- Winner in NY forum film festival in USA
8- Winner in FICEE film festival in Spain
9- Winner in Tehran Film FAJR international Festival
10- Winner in Tehran Animation International Festival(3rd period)
11- Winner in Tehran ROSHD Film International Festival(40th period)
12- Winner in Khane cinema ceremony Festival
13- Winner in Tehran Animation International Festival (7th period)
14- Winner in Jame Jam national Festival
15- Winner in Tehran Roshd Film International Festival(41th period)
16- Nominee of the best film in United Kingdom IOWF Festival
17- Nominee of the best film in the TEHRANshort film festival
18-Nominee of the best animation in NORWAY SEAGULL festival
19-Nominee of the best film in BELGIUM MOVING PICTURE festival
nominated award in short film
Moving Pictures film festival-nominee
nominated award in animation
SEAGULL film festival-nominee
Résumé & Attachments
Résumé & Attachments