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Kent S. Leung is a man of dreams and actions who has had an unprecedented career fuelled by his dedication and drive. This has led him to break barriers and set cultural milestones within the industry.
In 2017 Kent starred in the Pakistani feature film, Chalay Thay Saath, alongside Pakistani A-lister Syra Shahroz, which crowned Kent as the first-ever Chinese actor in Pakistani film industry history. Chalay Thay Saath was released theatrically across Pakistan as well as had select screenings in America and Hong Kong and is currently available on Netflix.
In 2018, with only 2 and a half years of learning Mandarin, Kent played the housemate of the Chinese star Tiffany Tang (唐嫣)in the Chinese TV show The Way We Were《归去来》. In 2014, Kent was nominated for a "Best Actor Award” next to Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss (Mr. Holland’s Opus), for his titular role of Jack, a gay chef struggling with love, in the feature film, John Apple Jack. He also just recently finished shooting Guo’s Summer 《张卫国的夏天》 opposite veteran actor and celebrity Huang Lei (黄磊).
But Kent has had his sights set not only on a successful acting career but a career in film-making behind the camera as well. In recent years he’s begun to make a name for himself as an auteur filmmaker with it all starting years ago with his first film Multipl’oh, a sex-comedy which Kent wrote, directed, starred in and edited. Then in early 2020, while he was in quarantine Kent shot an award-winning experimental short film aptly named Quarantine: Awakening. where he completed the film with no outside help whatsoever. And this year Kent completed Death Row, a science-fiction piece shot with a skeleton crew where Kent once again took part in writing, directed, starred in and edited.
Kent also has his hands in the fashion industry. He’s attended fashion shows such as Marc Jacobs, Tadashi Shoji, Bosideng, Tom Ford and more. He has also worked directly with brands such as Adidas, Paul Smith, TUMI, SONY and Wedgwood to name only a few.
On Kent’s “downtime” between acting and film-making, he hosts his own short-video series called The Life Astronaut 【思想加成】where he shares his opinions and beliefs (which are heavily influenced by his degree in psychology) on how to achieve greatness, overcome personal insecurities, and maintain and develop discipline, among many other self-development related topics.
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