The kNOwBOX dance organization is dedicated to creating a more equitable and inclusive dance field for all by fostering trans-geographical networking, highlighting diverse and underrepresented voices (e.g. black, indigenous, people of color, and women), creating opportunities for artists, and engaging audiences both on and offline via their programming, including the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival.

In its 3rd year as an independent film festival, the mission for the NBFF is to curate dance films that explore an innovative approach to collaboration, mixed media, and interdisciplinary filmmaking. These films are selected based on challenging the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form. The NBFF values experimental, multicultural, multigenre, and technological dance films. The NB team believes experiencing art– and more specifically experiencing art via dance and film– creates opportunities for understanding other perspectives.

In this day and age, it is imperative to address the topic of equality in dance in the digital space as it is both relevant and a pressing issue in the current social and political climate. The digital space is charged with a multitude of positive and negative forces including political and monetary power, media prowess, misinformation, matters of accessibility, collaboration, tools and platforms for artistic creation, sharing, networking, sexism, racism, cultural appropriation, and misrepresentation.

NB finds it important to acknowledge concepts of power, access, inclusion, and race in order to not reinforce some of the same structures of oppression (i.e. the male gaze, objectification of womxn/womyn, ableism, the primitivism of people of color, etc.); thus writing a more equitable future history.

Cover image courtesy of kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020 "Spectre" by Sebastien de Buyl.

+ #NBFF Official - all selected films
+ #NBFF AttentionGrabber - audience selected film per screening venue
+ #NBFF Visionary - selection committee voted

+ All films selected for the NBFF 2021 Official Selection will receive a monetary stipend
+ “Official NBFF” laurel
+ Social Media & Website Feature: promoting filmmaker social media and website links
+ NBFF “#Visionary” guaranteed interview on our Dance Behind the Screen Podcast
+ 2020 NBFF Visionary Award Stipend

+ Meet length guidelines as outlined by category
+ Films submitted will be screened by our NBFF 2021 Jury
+ Films that have been submitted in previous years are eligible to be resubmitted, provided they are eligible according to all of the festival’s current rules.
+ Each entry must include high-resolution film stills/photos with submission (please include photo credits)
+ Each entry must include filmmaker/artist current location
+ Each filmmaker is responsible for holding copyright permission for any elements used in the film.
+ Selected films must provide film in QuickTime format or MP4
+ Selected films must provide additional marketing materials upon request
+ All films submitted grant NBFF the right to utilize materials including video and still images for promotion purposes of NBFF 2021 or future kNOwBOX dance publicity.
+ My materials can be included in NBFF 2021, future kNOwBOX dance publicity, and included in the kNOwBOX dance permanent digital archive.
+ Submission fee paid

The kNOwBOX dance Summer Short Series (NBSSS)
Selected films will be screened on @knowboxdance social media accounts for a limited time in early August 2021 and the NBFF 2021 Festival line up.

By submitting one's film, filmmakers/artists give permission to kNOwBOX dance and the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival (NBFF) the right to utilize materials including video and still images for promotion and educational purposes. The official selection will be included in NBFF 2021, NBFF On Tour, future kNOwBOX dance publicity, and included in the kNOwBOX dance permanent digital archive.

Overall Rating
  • sebastien de buyl

    Such a great festival and team. Wish I could have been there in the Drive in screening in Dallas as well as the Seoul screening. Hope to meet the team soon! Great communication, great team, super festival. 100% recommend!

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Sebastien! Thank you for sharing your work 'Spectre' with us.

  • Mawrgan Shaw

    Fantastic festival to be involved with! I only wish I could have been present in person. Thank you so much for including me and for selecting my animation Days Like These.

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    "Days Like These" was a beautiful representation of dance in animation. Thank you for sharing your work!

  • Simona Dabija

    Incredibly responsive and comunicative team. Thank you for this experience and for putting artists together in this cool and beautiful festival.

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Simona! We were honored to screen "Opia".

  • Amazing people, great communication, passionate people and professionals.

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your kind words, Stella! Your film "Stop Human Trafficking" is powerful and we are fortunate to include your work in our festival.

  • Hadi Moussally

    Amazing Festival, selection and communication! Thank you!

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Hadi! It was a pleasure to include "Bellydance Vogue" in our festival.