Shorter and even shorter!
Shorts and reels in the online world have become a trend, but they are still highly recognized based on movies. K-Shorts is laying the groundwork for videos ranging from seconds to less than 5 minutes, to be appreciated as "a work of art" on their own. Filled with creative ideas, this is the new concept of the New Media Festival K-Shorts! Beyond the platform, it provides an opportunity to meet the audiences with superior works. From Webfest to Shorts, this is K-Webfest!

Best Short-form, 1Work
Best special, 1Work
Best excellence award, 1Work
Best popularity award, 1Work
Best Traveler, 3Work
Best Creator, 3Work
Best Shopper, 3Work
Best MZ, 3Work
Best MUZIK, 3Work
Best Game-Show, 3Work

1. Submission Rules and Regulations Guidelines

-MP4 files, and Full HD is recommended.
-For series summary, submission that is less than 4 minutes and 59 seconds
is allowed.
-Works that are in other languages other than Korean and English,
must include English subtitles.
-Submission for works that are produced after 2021 is allowed.
-BEST MZ is available to those born after December 5, 2002 only.
-Each submission will incur an entry fee, and the entry fee will not
be refunded after submission.
-Multiple submissions are allowed in all fields, but separate forms must be
filled out and entry fee will be incurred.

2. Submission Consent Information

-Please note that contents which directly reveals copyright violations, violence, sexual activity, religious and political tendencies may lead to disqualification.
-Portrait rights, copyrights, trademarks, etc. used in the entry must have no legal problems in their use, and all civil and criminal responsibilities shall be borne by the submitter in the event of a related dispute.
-K-Webfest reserves the right to use and amend the winning works, if necessary to achieve the purpose of the festival by taking over all of the copyrights, including the right to create secondary works.
-The entry must be pure creation that has not been plagiarized, stolen, or imitated, and if a violation is found, the entry will be excluded from the selection and the award details will be removed.
-K-Webfest reserves the rights and permission to use all audio and video that are submitted to K-Shorts
-The winning works of K-Shorts have the rights to be screened at K-Shorts events for one year.
-K-Shorts is not responsible for any problems arising from the creator/submitter's failure to obtain the rights of the submission materials or the screening.
-K-Shorts reserves the right to amend the guidelines, selection criteria, awards, screenings and activities at any time, if necessary.